Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Kitties In The City

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So, there definitely wasn’t a lot of love being shown on last week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Margeaux expressed her desire to separate from husband and sex tape star extraordinaire Nikko, and Khadiyah sent Yung Joc packing after he couldn’t commit. After all, he’s got all the members of his baby mama club wanting to dry his tears in the wake of their break-up. Best friends Mimi Faust and Ariane had it out over Mimi’s participation in said tape’s leak, and Kalenna and Tony faced tension in light of his new investment…and his decision to no longer manage his wife’s career. 

It seems the only couple that is doing halfway decently is Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. Funny how quickly the tides change! The episode begins with Joc and Rasheeda discussing the statuses of their respective relationships. Rasheeda chides Joc that he can’t keep hopping from one ex to the next, and Joc changes the subject to share how much Kirk claims to love his wife these days. Joc requests that Rasheeda intervene on behalf of he and KD, and she agrees. Anything to get him off her and Kirk’s sofa! Across town, Jessica Dime is meeting with Dawn. She’s tired of letting Mimi barely manage her career. The women are getting massages and complaining about Mimi’s lack of professionalism. Jessica wonders when she’ll get to work with Stevie J., but Dawn reminds her that Stevie isn’t going to be doing anything anytime soon. Jessica needs to come on board with Dawn’s management, and Dawn promises a big payout for appearances.


After their fallout, Mimi wants to apologize to Ariane. She recognizes that Ariane has every right to be mad after learning that Mimi lied to her for over a year. Mimi arrives at Ariane’s new townhouse to explain herself. She claims that she didn’t want to be open about the sex tape situation because she knew how much Ariane disliked Nikko. Ariane pointedly asks exactly what Mimi lied about, and Mimi accuses her of being horribly judgmental. They bicker and then a teary Mimi reminds Ariane that she’s forging a friendship with the same woman who believes lying Nikko. Ariane reminds Mimi that Margeaux feels loyal to Nikko just like she felt loyal to Mimi, but she promises that she’ll never let her new friendship with Margeaux interfere with her bond with Mimi. 

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Kalenna decides to take her career and personal life into her own hands, so she’s taking Rasheeda’s advice and meeting with Waka Flocka Flame’s mother Deb Antney. She outlines her rise in the industry, as well as to why she put her career on the back burner to support Tony. Deb warns that she isn’t easy to work with, but she is impressed that Kalenna has written songs for the likes of Aretha Franklin and Christina Aguilera. Deb is willing to to take Kalenna under her wing professionally, but only if she’s willing to cut all ties with Tony as her manager. He strictly needs to be her husband. Kalenna isn’t sure if she’s ready to make that break.

Speaking of career moves, Jessica wants to get Karlie Redd’s advice on working with Dawn. Since Karlie introduced Jessica to Mimi, she feels that she owes it to her new friend to find out why Mimi is so slack in the managerial department. Jessica has yet to meet Stevie, what’s up with that? Karlie is surprised to learn that Jessica hasn’t even met Stevie given that Joseline Hernandez was so upset to find out about their potential collaboration. Taking the opportunity to do what she does best (stir the pot!), Karlie gossips that Joseline claims to barely know Jessica, regardless of how good of friends Jessica said they once were. At best, they put their pasties in the same locker at the strip club. Wait, what? Jessica can’t believe her ears. Joseline was her trick! I don’t get the reference–is she talking about Halloween? However, when Karlie busts out with “cootie cat” I begin to figure out the extent of Joseline and Jessica’s “friendship.” Joseline allegedly used to pay Jessica for her company. Furthermore, Stevie is fully aware of their past and once asked if he could “put a baby up in” Jessica, who politely declined out of loyalty to Joseline. 

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After auctioning off Kirk’s belongings, Rasheeda has the funds to her storefront, and she’s enlisted Khadiyah to help her find the perfect property. Of course, she also hopes that she’ll be able to mend KD’s relationship with Joc so he can move out of the Frost residence. Rasheeda shares her squabbles with Kirk regarding making her online store into a physical presence, and she segues into Joc’s latest sofa surfing. KD is happy to hear he isn’t shacking up with one of his baby mama’s but she’s been through too much with him to take him back so easily. Rasheeda opines about how sincerely apologetic Joc is for his actions. While KD is happy to hear this news, she isn’t willing to collect Joc from Rasheeda’s sofa just yet. That night, unbeknownst to her guests, Ariane has planned a sit-down with Mimi and Margeaux to hash out their differences. It doesn’t go well. Mimi is defensive, but, if possible, Margeaux is even more defensive. When Ariane tries to calm her new friend, Margeaux interjects that she doesn’t need a mediator, and she feels that Ariane and Mimi lured her here so she could here Mimi’s lies. Mimi comes at her full force, and smugly drinks her wine as Margeaux heads for the door. 

Khadiyah’s conversation with Rasheeda was enough for her to agree to meet with Joc so he can apologize. She retorts that his words don’t make up for his past actions, but I’m sure she’ll cave shortly. He gifts her with some furry handcuffs, telling her that she can use them to make sure he never goes anywhere. He is willing to whatever it takes to regain her trust. She questions if he had sex with Sina, and he declines to answer. She dumps several cups of ice water in his lap as he apologizes to the extras patrons who are pretending they aren’t witnessing a whole bunch of crazy at this restaurant. She sets forth the criteria that Joc will have to do to prove that he’s just for her. She leaves him handcuffed to the table, but she’s willing to consider a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Karlie wants to get more dirt on Joseline and Jessica, so she’s going straight to the source. Over cocktails, Karlie spills all the dirt that Jessica claims happened with her and Joseline. Don’t get it twisted–Joseline wants Karlie to know that the tables were actually turned. Jessica was her bleep who bleeped Joseline’s bleep at Joseline’s bleeping beck and call. Lovely.

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Feeling a bit better after her conversation with Deb, Kalenna goes to speak to her husband at his new club. She presents him with some release paperwork to sever his ties as her manager. He’s upset that she is so quick to end their business relationship even though he’s the one who told her he wanted to quit managing her and to explore other options. However, Tony agrees to sign the documents, which sends Kalenna into a tailspin. Why doesn’t he want to manage her anymore? She’s screaming, he’s acting aloof, and she storms out once he’s signed. So much for keeping it business! At least one husband-wife team is working. Joseline is in the studio with Stevie, and he’s excited about their professional future. Jessica interrupts their session, and Stevie exits stage right so the former lovebirds can figure out their situation. Joseline leaves the sound booth, and there is major side eye before the episode’s cliffhanger…


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