Teresa Giudice Writing A Memoir; Read Snippets From Her Prison Diary!

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Wanna get a glimpse of Teresa Giudice‘s life on the inside – I mean, before her tell-all is released? The incarcerated Real Housewives Of New Jersey star just released excerpts from her prison diary. And oh, let me tell you they are quite the read – too bad her ghostwriter wasn’t available for re-writes!

Teresa’s attorney confirms reports that she’s working on a memoir, to be published once she is released from Danbury Correctional Facility in December. Teresa, who fancies herself the next Piper Kerman, will “tell the story everyone is dying to know: what life is like behind bars,” reveals James. L. Leonard Jr, her lawyer. 


Mr. Leonard says Teresa also plans to share her story of “growing up from humble beginnings” to becoming a reality star, turned convict

Us Weekly gives an advance preview of the journal Teresa is keeping, which will be turned into her memoir. I wonder if Teresa will be working with her friend and long-time ghostwriter Heather Maclean on this project? Because Gia is a more skillful writer than Teresa – too bad she can’t take over the journal project, like she’s taken control of Teresa’s twitter and everything else in Teresa’s life.

Snippets are below – in them Teresa details the incredible changes she’s undergoing to become a better person. Oh, wait – no, not that. 

February 1, Day 27

“Great Mass. I enjoy [going to church], it makes me feel good after I go and during. I feel like God is really present there with me.” Not to be confused with, “God gave me a present.” 

February, Undated

“There is a lady in here, she hit her roommate. The officers are up here now to evaluate the situation. She is a crazy lady who fights with everyone.” I see a lot of myself in her – I asked her if she’d ever thought about being on Bravo

March 16, Day 70

“I got an email from Gia. She got an award for perseverance. I started crying at the computer. I was so happy for her, and saying to myself, ‘That is my daughter.'” Yeah, sure Gia was thrilled with that compliment! 

You can also see a photo of Teresa, behind bars, posing with her daughters at Us Weekly!


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