Is Teresa Giudice Returning To Real Housewives Of New Jersey Following Prison Stint?!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6While Teresa Giudice hangs out in prison teaching exercise classes, emailing, and getting her hair done, turmoil roars around the status of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

There’s been a lot of speculation that Bravo is delaying the 7th season to accommodate Teresa’s release from prison, which is due to happen sometime around the end of this year, in theory. Joe Giudice said Teresa was done with RHONJ unless offered ” a lot of money” – well, has she been offered that moola?! (Goodness knows she needs it!) because her attorney says she’s in the process of negotiating a contract with the network. 

Teresa’s attorney shared that she will most-likely be returning to RHONJ if terms can be agreed upon – and really why wouldn’t she because it’s basically The Teresa Show. “Anyone who has watched that show since the very first episode understands that Teresa Giudice is the central figure around which the show revolves,” her attorney James J. Leonard Jr. says. 


“That’s not to take anything away from any of the other women, but Teresa has been the focal point for the last six seasons, and I don’t expect that to change moving forward, assuming both sides can agree on a contract,” he adds succinctly. 

Andy Cohen seems to agree – and with last season being less Teresa-centric ratings did fall. Bravo is reportedly tentatively filming as they scout for new women to mix in with Melissa Gorga, who is also returning, but rumor has it Bravo wants to take it back to the family and close friends-oriented show it was in early seasons. 

Teresa’s attorney also shares that things with Melissa are fine, and “contrary to popular belief” the two don’t “hate” each other. He adds that the upcoming 7th season which the ladies are negotiating will continue to feature a more peaceable relationship! 

“What you see on television are snippets of their life that are edited and pieced together to fit the format of the show. But the truth is they can and often do co-exist without any problems in their everyday lives,” he tells People. “I think that the Teresa/Melissa dynamic makes for good television and will likely continue in season 7, but hopefully in a less dramatic fashion.” 

Melissa has revealed recently that Teresa is doing well in prison but she has not visited her … until the Bravo cameras get access to Danbury. 

Finally Teresa’s attorney revealed the Giudices are in negotiations with the bank to retain their mansion, which has fallen into foreclosure. “I think they will either refinance their loan and keep the house or they will find a buyer and move into a new house,” he explains. “I do not envision a scenario in which their home will be foreclosed.”

Well, well… there you have it… apparently Teresa is back on Bravo. The bitch is back… and bars couldn’t break her! I guess this means Jim Marchese won’t be resigning his Housewives contract


 [Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]