Dorinda Medley Explains Her Side of the Argument with Heather Thomson


Dorinda Medley has broken her silence about the argument with Heather Thomson that seemed to come out of nowhere on last week’s Real Housewives of New York, an argument Heather deemed “lame.” Dorinda, for her part, agrees about the relative ridiculousness of the tiff, but she does spend quite a while in this week’s blog defending how “hurt” she was by Heather’s “dismissive” attitude when walking in front of her to a local Turks and Caicos eatery. 

Before getting into the Heather debacle, Dorinda reflects on her part in instigating the Sonja Morgan volcanic eruption that left no housewife untouched! Asserting that she cares about Sonja’s welfare because “there IS a difference between being a friend and being someone who cares for someone else, let’s be clear…,” Dorinda says she merely “wanted to offer some advice and help boost her confidence a bit” when she spoke to Sonja the morning after her “STFU!” moment with Bethenny Frankel.  But Dorinda does admit, “I had no idea she was going to come charging down the mountainside at the rest of the girls the way she did. It’s like I lit a spark that sent the cannonball on a warpath. That wasn’t my intention.”


“On the flipside, WOW Sonja! You really found your voice!” continues Dorinda. “She went out there, guns blazing! Yes, I was proud of Sonja for defending herself; I just didn’t know how far she’d run with it.” Adding that she thinks the ladies “accepted” Sonja’s stance, Dorinda praises her new friend. “Sonja Morgan is a strong, smart woman dealing with A LOT, and she does it with grace and elegance but with plenty of vulnerability, which I feel some people interpret as weakness. She’s a lion, that woman. Maybe a lioness in winter, but a lion.”

Moving on to dinner that night, Dorinda shares, “I know that some of the viewers think I overreacted as we were walking into the restaurant, but remember you only see snippets of what’s going on. Let me set the record straight: I simply was excited to see the girls and walk into the restaurant with them. I think Heather‘s reaction was—as it often is—harsh and condescending.” Taking a moment to criticize Heather’s new found brown noser status truce with Bethenny, Dorinda snarks, “Maybe she was so happy to finally have a moment with Bethenny that she was feeling a little too cocky.” 

Adding that “In my world, we still get excited to see our girlfriends and even walking into an event with them is a fun thing,” Dorinda expresses shock at Heather’s attitude. (Um, are these broads supposed to celebrate every time they reunite after a 10 minute cab ride from hotel to dinner?!?) “I was surprised by her dismissive response. Heather can be very apathetic sometimes, and for someone who cares SO much about SO much, I was surprised she was so indifferent and couldn’t just wait up. This actually could have been a happy moment for me, but as you saw, it wasn’t. Was it silly of me to get hurt? Probably. I just didn’t expect her to be so disinterested and blow me off like that. I expected different, I guess.”

“I will agree with this, though—Heather is right about one thing: this is and was a LAME fight and not even worth talking about anymore,” confesses Dorinda. “Believe me, if I did overreact, then I apologize, but I was actually hurt. Her calling me out for overreacting is strange, if not ironic and downright hypocritical.”


Calling Heather out on her behavior during upcoming episodes of RHONY, Dorinda ominously reveals, “Heather Thomson has cornered the market on overreacting, and just watch—she will continue to do so for the rest of the season. And not just with me, but with everyone. In her mind, her opinion is the final word and the only ‘word’ that makes sense. Quite frankly, it’s gotten tiresome. No, exhausting.” Ooh, them’s fightin’ words! Interesting perspective considering Dorinda’s “bad edit” (cough, cough) coming up on this week’s episode. 

Closing her blog with a final explanation about the argument that isn’t “worth talking about anymore” (hello, Irony!), Dorinda defends herself against Heather’s accusations that she might have had “one too many” drinks before dinner. “Heather states that she thinks I was drinking before the dinner, which is false. We hadn’t even sat down yet.” 

“This was just another deflection, and you do that enough to Sonja, don’t now try it with me,” warns Dorinda. “Back that sh– up and back it up quick! Quite frankly, Heather and I have only known each other for a short while and only in the Berkshires and mainly at my pool. So maybe she was on her best behavior when she was my guest, I don’t know. I have no problem admitting my flaws and have no problem apologizing for them. And, what sets me apart, I don’t require anything from anyone in response or in return. Having the last word doesn’t matter to me, because I’d rather say something meaningful than say something cheap.”

Well, well. Much ado about nothing? Or is something darker and more sinister afoot? These two seem out for blood!

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Photo Credit: Twitter