Family Insider Downplays, Makes Excuses For Kim Richards’ Behavior In Mexico; Photos From Nicky Hilton’s Bridal Shower

Kim Richards

In response to an earlier report that claimed Kim Richards was drunk and/or high, belligerent, and verbally abusive at Thayer and Brooke‘s wedding in Mexico over the weekend, a “family insider” has come forward to downplay the report and make excuses for Kim’s behavior.

This is par for the course for this family full of deflectors and enablers, but what really disgusts me is, the insider threw Kim‘s mentally ill son Chad under a bus in the process.

The “family insider” confirmed that a sober coach accompanied Kim to Mexico, however, the sober coach pretended to be Kim’s Pilates instructor. The insider admitted that the sober coach quit and left the country. But, you know, it wasn’t Kim’s fault. The coach was just being dramatic.


The source shared, “Sober coach left after day three and was just fed up with Kim. I think the sober coach was just being a little dramatic.” 

I picture Kim lashing out at this stranger who’s following her and claiming to be her Pilates instructor. HAHA. “Shut your f–king mouth! I don’t take Pilates! I’ve had enough of you, you beast!” You could not pay me enough to deal with Kim.

Moving on to Kim‘s behavior, the insider said she was “out of it” and “in a bit of a fog” in Mexico but added that she was neither openly drinking nor belligerent.

Kim Richards Facing Criminal Charges For Drunken Meltdown

“She was definitely on something all weekend,” said the source, “but she wasn’t openly drinking alcohol. Kim even came to a bar one night and everyone was drinking champagne and partying around her but she didn’t take one drink.”

About the welcome party on Thursday, the source said, “I saw her order a water from the bartender and she wasn’t drinking [alcohol] in front of us, but she was still not normal.”

The insider said Kim sat next to Kyle Richards at the ceremony on Satuday. The insider added that Kim was “together the first half of the ceremony” but did not offer any details about the second half of the ceremony. TMZ reported that Kim verbally attacked Brooke and cussed out Thayer‘s family.

Kim gave a really sweet toast after Brooke‘s first dance,” gushed the source. “She was completely coherent and seemed totally genuine and normal. She told Thayer there is nothing that feels better as a mother than knowing Brooke is taken care of when she’s not around.”

And here comes the bus for Chad… “Chad was not totally with it,” the source claimed, “and I think it was a double whammy for Brooke to see both her mom and brother like that.”

Thayer and Brooke hosted a farewell brunch on Sunday. Kim was MIA.

Brooke did not seem the least bit upset that her mom wasn’t there on Sunday since she all weekend was worried that Kim would do something embarrassing in front of everyone,” said the source. “In the end, there was more mention of Chad and his behavior. He was not in a good way and has been putting a lot of stress on the family. I think it’s been weighing on Kim.”

Yesterday, Kyle told TMZ that she hasn’t spoken to Kim since the wedding. It’s telling, IMO, that Kyle did not deny the reports about Kim’s behavior in Mexico.

Kim‘s current whereabouts remain a mystery, but I think it’s safe to say that she has not returned to rehab. If she had, Kathy Hilton would have spewed her “so proud” nonsense all over internet by now.  

In related news, Nicky Hilton celebrated her bridal shower earlier this week at the Hillcrest Country Club in L.A. Kim was not there, but Kyle, as well as Kim‘s daughter Whitney Davis, was. Nicky’s wedding is in July in London. See a few photos from the shower below.




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