After the new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live tonight – along with Odd Mom Out comedienne Abby Elliott.  Tamra dished on her co-stars – past and present –  with Andy Cohen.

They kick things off with a game where Tamra weighs in on situations in the OC.  On Brooks living with Vicki, she says “that’s a Vicki problem.”  On Shannon Beador and David, she says she knew about the affair and does think Shannon was right to forgive him since they’ve been married for so long.  On whether Meghan Edmonds is a good fit for the show, “she’s the best bitch on there.”

A Twitter question for Tamra about her current relationship with Jesus and if it’s hard with the OC lifestyle.  She says it’s not hard with the OC lifestyle but is tricky with the OC HOUSEWIVES.  She says she goes to church about three times a month.

A fan asks what Tamra thinks about Meghan saying she knows her stepdaughter better than her mom.  “I thought that was disrespectful.  There’s a fine line when you come in as a step parent that you don’t cross.  Especially given the circumstances that her mom is sick and her mom is watching the show and you just don’t say that.”

Which former RHOC star would she like to see return to the show.  “None.  You move forward, you don’t live in the past.”  Andy asks if she has ever bumped into Alexis or Gretchen and she says “no, never.”

Tamra explains that she and Eddie spend time with Meghan and Jim and says that Jim isn’t how he comes across on the show (seeming like he’s not into Meghan).  “I think Jimmy is used to being the star.  Jimmy Baseball.  We film together and people are screaming at him, not us.  Maybe he’s not comfortable with so many cameras.”

A caller asks if she’s sending the wrong message to her daughters and granddaughter with her multiple boob jobs.  Tamra says that her girls don’t watch the show and don’t have any idea and don’t chat about boob jobs and such.  

The next caller asks Tamra why Vicki didn’t stand up to her family and bring Brooks to the funeral.  “First, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stand up to your family at a funeral. I don’t know.  That’s Vicki’s battle.  But honestly, you don’t bring somebody to a funeral that’s not wanted.” 

A viewer asks if Tamra is going to apologize to Alexis Bellino for the Jesus Jugs comments.  “No, but I did apologize to Jesus.” 




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