Luann de Lesseps and Heather Thomson

OUCH – the friendship of Heather Thomson and Luann de Lesseps is one that has definitely gone down hill! 

The Countess and Heather were formerly close pals but things have taken a dramatically different turn. Things started to unravel in last week’s episode when they argued over f-bombs. Heather called Luann out for being a hypocrite – rightfully so – and in the final day of Turks and Caicos things erupt over who brought a man to the house and left him unattended in the middle of the night. 

Expressing frustration over what became of their friendship Heather has seen sides to Luann she definitely doesn’t like. “I don’t even recognize Luann this season,” the outspoken Real Housewives Of New York star admits. “I guess what she’s saying with ‘Don’t count out the Countess’ is that after a demotion on the show, she’s found her legs again and came back with a vengeance.” 


The ladies taped the reunion last week and reportedly Luann brought out the big guns, but despite the vitriol the cast had dinner together after filming wrapped and seemed to be in a good place. But based on Heather’s most-recent People interview – guess not! 

“It’s unfortunate,” muses Heather, “because I really considered Luann a friend. I’m now seeing a pattern – there’s this slithery snake pattern that happens that I didn’t recognize until reflection. Luann is always painting someone else to be the villain because Luann takes no responsibility for her own behavior or her own actions.

Luann will do something – it causes a reaction – and then Luann puts her hands up and says, ‘No – it was you, not I!'” describes Heather. “She throws the grenade and then she backs up.” 

“What happens in Turks and Caicos is a repetition of St. Barths: Luann does something, it’s her behavior, and then it becomes my fault,” Heather spells out. 

Heather insists, “Luann can be whoever she wants to be – I literally do not judge people – but I say live and let live! So if Luann wants to sleep with married guys … it does not affect me, and it really doesn’t affect my relationship with her. It’s that she pretends she doesn’t and it was everybody else.” 

“And we are on reality TV; there are cameras around and they are watching, so if there’s a side to your personality that you’d rather not share with the public then choose your sides,” warns Heather. And that side, when it comes to Luann, is men. “She can’t resist!” shades Heather. #KeepYourLegsClosedToMarriedMen!!!!!!

Luann hasn’t only been taking heat from Heather – she’s also been getting it from former friend Carole Radziwill. Carole, who is supposedly happily ensconced in a relationship with Luann’s niece’s ex-boyfriend Adam, spends her days on twitter slamming Luann. Doesn’t Carole have a book to write?

Carole claimed Luann stole the idea for Girl Code. “Countesssa didn’t know there was a code until I talked about it…. #wordup,” Carole tweeted. Then she added, “Yeah countessessss its never to late to STFU & mind your own damn business.” 

Tonight RHONY explodes as we finally see Luann utter the infamous “uncool” statement. On the last day in Turks and Caicos the ladies find a mysterious stranger in their house and have no idea who put him there. It turns out Ramona Singer smuggled him home, but won’t own up to it! Luann defends Ramona, which causes tensions between her and Heather

Back in NYC Bethenny is made abreast of all the shenanigans and is shocked by Ramona’s selfish behavior but impressed she finally got a piece. Conflict continues to erupt when Kristen holds a charity fundraiser and ends up arguing with Bethenny! And things between Dorinda and Heather go from bad to worse

Carole also accused Bravo of “editing around her” because she speaks too intelligently and that’s deemed boring. She and Heather will be on WWHL tonight following RHONY’s most dramatic episode to date! 

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