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Real Housewives Of New York drama is at a crazy level. Heather Thomson is right in the center of it – and according to one report is so fed up she’s not coming back for another season! 

Talking to New York Live following the dramatic “Cool/Uncool” Turks and Caicos episode, Heather dishes on behind-the-scenes drama, friendships, and whether or not she’s really ready to renounce her title as Housewife. 


On why Heather was upset to the point of tears about finding Random Naked Dude: 

“I think I was incensed that they didn’t see any issue with that…they didn’t know who these guys were, they picked them up at a club that night, which is by the way fine, I say live and let live, do you! I’ll do me, and you do you, just don’t leave the remnants in my bedroom. Like, I don’t want to have any part of it.”

On what really happened that night – including more rides on the Dorinda Medley hot mess express: 

“They were partying. It was 3:30 in the morning, the music was blasting, Carole [Radziwill] and I were woken up, Dorinda was loaded, she came into my room, woke me up, wanted to sleep with me because she felt bad about the F-you dinner….and I was like well we’re kind of crowded in here, and she was like, the music is so loud, let me tell them to turn it down, and I said don’t worry about it, we’re leaving tomorrow.”

Heather On ‘The Discovery’:

“And then when I woke up, I went to the bathroom, and did my thing…and I’m brushing my teeth, and we were in a connected kind of enclave…we all shared this kind of suite, so the doors were wide open. And I grabbed my robe, trailing behind me, and I stop, and like, there’s a dude in the bed…. By the way, if he had been with one of the women, it would have been a totally different thing…this guy, they didn’t know his last name, barely knew his first name, had just flown to the island that night, I found out, you know, our belongings were there, to me it’s just irresponsible. Yes, nothing happened, thank god nothing happened, but we’d all be singing a different tune had something happened, or we were robbed, or pictures were taken of us and put on the internet, so it just wasn’t cool!”

Heather’s reaction to former friend Luann de Lesseps‘ song “Girl Code”: 

“Well it’s a little hard for me to be objective about it, to be honest, because we’re not girls, we’re ladies, number one… and Carole and I were the ones who were violated.”

Does Heather think she violated girl code by barging in on Luann:

Luann brought all this attention to herself. We went into the room and were like, Lu, we’re waking you up, do you know anything about this dude, she’s like.. no, I walked my dude out. Perfect, end of story, we’re done! Ramona [Singer] was irresponsible, she admitted to her irresponsibility… Ramona came to me and said, it’s the first thing I’ve always told [my daughter] Avery not to do, and I did it, and I’m sorry, and that was it and it was over. And I was like thank you for acknowledging it…” Uhhhh… well we clearly didn’t see THAT footage!

Luann made this whole stink about being uncool…because she was worried I was going to open the door and catch her with somebody.”

Is Heather ready to leave RHONY

“We have so much to talk about on what’s happening on the show right now, we just shot the couch [reunion show]… I mean, who can even think about next season, let’s stick to this season.”


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