Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Live Studio Audience

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Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta started with the tail end of a plan so perfect that I can’t imagine anything ever going wrong. As y’all recall, the previous episode ended with Khadiyah being ambushed at a record label party co-hosted by Yung Joc exes (and new allies) Karlie Redd and Sina. It’s always a brilliant idea to try to instigate a fight with your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend at a party to market for your new your boyfriend, right? Karlie and Sina brag and laugh about riling up KD, but Karlie forgot that her new boyfriend Lyfe Jennings was witnessing the entire debacle. He’s quick to remind her. Lyfe has legal issues, and what if he had to jump in and defend her? He could end up back in hot water! All Karlie took away from that conversation was that Lyfe would defend her honor. Geez.

Margeaux is beyond peeved that she got tricked into a photo shoot by Stevie J. who was trying to get back at Nikko for his antics with Mimi Faust. Having thought she was forging a friendship with Joseline Hernandez, Margeaux goes to the Puerto Rican princess to make sense of the situation. Joseline starts going off on Margeaux and how she fortunate she is to be working with Stevie. She belittles Margeaux for still tending bar and invites her (to put it nicely) to come bleep her bleep if Margeaux has a problem with her. Margeaux finally gets the fuss everyone has been making–this is the crazy lady people warned her about! Margeaux cites Joseline’s anger as being caused by Stevie’s evident love for Mimi before calmly leaving the scene. Smart girl…she clearly watched last season’s reunion. 


After being ganged up on by a baby mama and a messy cougar from Joc’s past, Khadiyah heads to the studio to confront her man. She didn’t sign up for this kind of drama. She rehashes her evening, and Joc is shocked to learn that Karlie and Sina are in cahoots. KD wonders why Sina accused her of faking a pregnancy when the only person who knew about her pregnancy scare was Joc. Why is he spilling their personal business with baby mama number four? Joc seems somewhat sorry for this snafu, but he gets peeved when KD says she needs a longer break. Having his pride injured, he lashes out, calling her names and claiming she’s a dumbass for making such a decision. Finally finding her self-esteem (it didn’t take her nearly as long as the other women on this show who aren’t even looking for theirs!), Khadiyah exits as Joc spews insults. Way to keep it classy, Joc. 

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Lil’ Scrappy is hosting a poker nigznighee with his boys Kirk Frost, Tony Vick, and Joc. He needs his friends adviznighee because he’s head over heels for Bambi…he’s even given her a house key. Joc warns his friend against falling too hard, recapping his break-up with Khadiyah. Tony is relieved to learn his wife isn’t the only crazy lady in the world even though she no longer wants him to manage her. He shakes his noting that his wife still needs to lose about twenty-five pounds of baby weight, and his friends nod in agreement…they’ve been there with their baby mamas as well. Kirk and Tony give their sides of their wives’ beef, but Joc reminds them that the longer their women stew, the more likely it is the women’s issues will spill over into Tony and Kirk’s relationship. Speaking of, Rasheeda and Tammi Rivera are at a club for Bambi’s video release, and they’re dishing on Rasheeda’s recent problems with Kalenna. Rasheeda is surprised to see Bambi acting as if she’s single…Scrappy is like a brother to Rasheeda, so she hopes the chemistry in the video stays in the video. 

Well, well, well, Stevie seems to be spending more time with Mimi than Joseline, no? They’re in the studio making music with Tiffanie Foxx. Stevie apologizes for his drunken antics earlier in the season, revealing that his sobriety has given his work a new life. Tiffanie inquires to how upset Joseline will be to know Stevie is working with her, and Mimi interjects to basically say, “who cares?” She can work with her ex, and that’s all it is…work. Stevie admits that his wife is going to have a problem with him working with anyone who isn’t her, but what can you do? Run. That’s what you can do. Run! Also in the studio is Scrappy who feels rejuvenated with the way his life is going. Rasheeda and Kirk stop by for a listen. Of course, Rasheeda can’t wait to find out if her friend is in the know about Bambi’s new video. Kirk and Rasheeda spill the beans, and Scrappy is clueless about Bambi’s vidnigheo. They were kissin’ on each other according to Kirk. But they was just acting, right? Sure, Scrappy. Just like all of you are doing all the time on this show. “Acting.”

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Kirk and Rasheeda quickly leave when Bambi arrives, but you know they so want to be a fly on the wall! Rasheeda doesn’t feel badly for stirring the pot, as Scrappy needs to know what his boo is doing, but she certainly isn’t going to wait around for the aftermath. Scrappy questions Bambi upon arrival, and she knows that Rasheeda had to be his informant as she couldn’t even make eye contact as she ran out of the studio with Kirk. Bambi doesn’t understand how her video is any different from Scrappy’s music that includes video vixens rubbing on him at any turn. She’s patient enough to deal with his baby mama Erica Dixon and actual Momma Dee. If Scrappy can’t understand why she needs to further her career, then she’s done. Scrappy threatens that if Bambi leaves, they are over for good. Dudes getting left in the studio seems to be the episode’s theme.

Across town, Margeaux is facing Stevie J. after he tricked her into posing for his new magazine. She wants $10,000 compensation for him to use her pictures, or she wants them back…the fool never had her sign a release. Margeaux approaches Stevie calmly, and he’s all smiles. Stevie can’t resist a beautiful lady…or any lady at that! Margeaux questions Stevie’s motives, and he swears up and down that he only wanted to showcase her beauty. Margeaux counters that she only wants to work with people with good business practices. The two go back and forth about their respective dysfunctional relationships, but Stevie doesn’t budge. He isn’t paying her and he’s willing to let her pictures go to waste. Secretly, Margeaux hopes he uses the photos without her permission so she can sue his arse. 

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After the demise of KD and Joc’s relationship, he wants to confront Karlie about her part in the ambush. He inquires as to how and why she and Sina ever connected. Karlie is all, like, damn, like what, like Sina’s my friend. She offers to give something from her boutique with which to gift Joc’s baby mama. All Karlie takes from the conversation is that Joc and Khadiyah are no longer together. Mission accomplished. She insults his blazer (I kind of want it for myself, but it looks totes ridic on him), and he realizes that he’ll never get through to the messiest of his exes. That night, Rasheeda is thrilled that things are finally back on track for her and Kirk. They can ditch the cheating story lines and focus on being happily married. The pair are meeting with Tony and Kalenna, but it’s unbeknownst to the women. Kirk and Tony want their wives to reconcile, but both Rasheeda and Kalenna are fuming over promised date nights gone terribly wrong. Tony shares his concerns that his wife has postpartum depression, but she’s mortified he would discuss this issue with her former friend. Dr. Kirk advises her on hormones and the seriousness of the baby blues before Tony recommends that Kirk and Rasheeda would make the perfect godparents for their newborn. Kirk and Tony high-five while Rasheeda cackles at the thought. Poor Kalenna is totally outnumbered…not that Rasheeda feels honored by the position, but Kalenna is clearly the only person who doesn’t find Tony’s statement to be the most hilarious thing they’ve heard all week! The men excuse themselves, and Kalenna retorts that Tony must be crazy if he thinks that will ever happen. The women exchange barbs and insults (over what, I’m not quite sure), before the men return and Kalenna launches a drink in Rasheeda’s direction. 


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