Are Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert Quitting Teen Mom 2?


Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert are over being dragged down by Leah Simms Calvert Messer on Teen Mom 2! #LifeAfterLeah

It seems Leah’s ex hubbies are no longer interested in contributing to her storyline on Teen Mom 2. “Corey is done with the show,” says a source. Corey, who has moved on with his life, has a real job, and is now expecting a baby with his wife Miranda (who also has a real job), doesn’t need the show financially and certainly isn’t inserted in being famous. And it sounds like he finds it embarrassing!  

Corey has reportedly already revealed his intentions to MTV. “He’s told MTV he will not return for another season. He doesn’t think the money is worth the aggravation anymore,” an insider explains. 


Corey isn’t the only former Mr. Leah who wants out of MTV’s clutches! Leah’s most recent ex-hubby Jeremy is also supposedly done. “Jeremy also wants out of Teen Mom, but he hasn’t made any formal moves yet,” reveals Life & Style

Earlier this month Corey cryptically tweeted “Honestly I’ve had enough I usually keep my mouth shut and don’t say much but yeah you’ll see.” Leah has recently been backhandedly sniping at Corey on twitter and made nasty comments about him at last year’s reunion. 

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This comes as no surprise – Jeremy was vehemently against returning for the 6th season, but at the last minute agreed to do so, only to have it further accelerate his divorce from Leah. Jeremy and his family reportedly blame the show for Leah’s drug use and also her inability to get her act together. 

Jeremy and Corey’s newest frustration with Leah is that weeks after leaving rehab she has already moved in with new boyfriend  T.R. Dues. Both Corey and Jeremy are annoyed that Leah hasn’t introduced either one of them to the man who is now around their daughters. Leah just finished a custody dispute with both her exes, and this type of behavior could propel them right back to court… 

As for Leah she’s all too willing got continue her questionable parenting on TV. 


[Photo Credit: MTV]