Leah Calvert Talks Drug Use In New Teen Mom 2 Preview

MTV is pulling out all the stops in its previews for what appears to be the most dramatic season of Teen Mom 2 ever! Leah Messer just returned from rehab, where her divorce from Jeremy Calvert was also finalized. The network excused her from doing press for the heavily-hyped new season. In exchange, they just released a preview of Corey Simms (aka Leah’s first ex-husband whom she also cheated on) confronting Leah about her alleged drug use!

Leah still steadfastly denies drug issues, and the official report is that she went to rehab for depression and stress. In the new teaser Leah explains her decision to seek treatment to Corey, who is rightfully concerned about her ability to care for three young children, especially when their daughter Ali is also struggling with special needs.


Corey alongside his now pregnant wife Miranda try to discuss what’s going on with Leah, who is evasive and insists she just wants to be a better momIt’s nothing, like, bad. I feel like me going there, I’m going to be able to be a better mom and be the best mom that I can be,” Leah explains, to a baffled Corey. 

Miranda gets right to the point and directly asks Leah if she’s “owning up to not being the best mom you can be?” I mean, I guess when you’re feeding your kids Lunchables and Blue Snapple for dinner the only place you can go is up an the great mom category, right?! Leah dismisses Miranda’s inquiry, naturally, by insisting they don’t understand what she’s going through. Oh no – no one evvvvvverrrrrrrrr understands what Leah’s going through – except Robbie Kidd, apparently! 

“We’re saying, is there something that you take to deal with that problem? Can you look at me and Miranda in the eyes and tell us there’s no drug problem?” an exasperated Corey finally presses Leah, adding, “I think I know there’s a drug problem, but I think you’re afraid to tell me.”

“There is no drug problem!” Leah insists. “Shame on you!Corey is definitely not convinced and the conversation dissolves into an argument. 

The video featuring Leah and Corey’s contentious conversation is below!

Corey and Miranda were seeking full custody of the twins, separated form Leah, Jeremy also reportedly planned to seek custody of Addie. He and Jeremy allegedly threatened Leah with an emergency custody hearing to seek sole custody if she did not get help. Fearing they would strip her parental rights while she was seeking treatment out of state, Leah backed out of one rehab stint, but the issues reportedly got so bad MTV stepped in and negotiated that Corey and Jeremy would not take custody action against Leah in exchange for her going to rehab. Currently Leah is living with her mom, Dawn, who helped care for the girls in her absence.  

In other news, Leah has just gotten divorced and sober, but is already violating one of the NA steps – no romance! She’s reportedly already moving in with her new boyfriend. 

Well, as much as Leah and her technicolor Cheeto skin and cracktastic Bride of Frankenstein styled-hair bugs me I seriously hope she can pull it together. One WV girl to another, I’m rootin’ for you mama! Although I think the first step in Leah getting help is admitting she has a problem figuring out how to use birth control!

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV on July 9th!


[Photo Credit: MTV


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