Did Jeremy Calvert Cheat On Leah? Plus, Leah Will Return To Teen Mom 2 For Season 6!

leah calvert agrees to return to teen mom 2 season 6 amid divorce from jeremy calvert

Apparently cheating was as popular as Lunchables and Cheetos in the Calvert Household! In fact, we could just say they’re all a bunch of Cheat-Os, because now comes news that Jeremy Calvert was cheating on Leah Calvert too! Oops. 

Jeremy and Leah are back and forth on whether or not to end their marriage of two years after Leah got roped up in a cheating scandal (and drug issues) with ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd! However sources say Leah has actually been doing Jeremy a real favor by not revealing that he too had an affair and was recently caught texting the mistress!

Sources assert that the Teen Mom 2 star recently discovered Jeremy sending texts to a woman named Brittany Musick, whom he was cheating with, and that prompted Leah to contact Brittany on twitter!


Leah direct messaged Brittany on Twitter to talk about the situation,” reveals the insider. Apparently Leah’s intent was just to clear the air and she was “cordial” in her communication with Brittany and refrained from attacking her over the home wrecking situation in the hopes of securing information about what happened with Jeremy. A photo of Brittany is below. 

jeremy calvert's alleged mistress

The insider tells In Touch Weekly that Leah “actually apologized for Jeremy’s behavior.” after he misled Brittany about being married when he started a relationship with her! After the exchange Leah tweeted: 

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.29.16 PM

Brittany didn’t take too kindly to Leah’s interest, however, and quickly got on Leah’s twitter feed to defend herself. She claims she never had an affair with Jeremy. “I liked him, I thought he was a great guy. And I’m not the home wrecker, if anyone Leah is [sic],” she insisted. “I just heard about their divorce and he confirmed it. So why not talk to him and chill? You’re never promised tomorrow.”

Brittany also denies going over to Jeremy’s house for a planned sleepover, as others were accusing her of, but others maintain Brittany sought Jeremy out, saying the single-mom told him she lived near him and wanted to meet him! Jeremy who has been promising to file for divorce hasn’t filed yet amid pressure from his family to try and work things out with Leah, although they are not living together

However Jeremy’s indiscretion has pushed Leah over the edge and she now wants to end the marriage – which also coincides with her decision to return to Teen Mom 2! Leah initially quit the show because Jeremy wouldn’t agree to airing their marital problems and they had decided to work on their relationship. 

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup now confirms that Leah changed her mind about signing her season 6 contract and will begin filming soon! “Although Leah was worried about having her marriage turmoil exposed on national TV again, she has agreed to do Season 6,” the site reveals. 

The source says Leah’s main motivation was that she needs “a steady stream of income” and that she also agreed to return in exchange for MTV promoting her burgeoning photography business. But what of Mary Kay!? Corey Simms will also be back to film, as part of the twins storyline, but so far it’s not clear whether or not Jeremy will participate, but it seems very unlikely! 

Jeremy isn’t happy with Leah’s decision to return to TM2, however! He blames the show for making it appear that Leah is a drug addict and that is one reason Jeremy is so disgusted with the network. 

Leah’s family reportedly told TM2 camera crews that she was having difficulty adjusting to the anti-anxiety medication and that caused some of her bizarre behavior. Jeremy felt the network took advantage of Leah in a vulnerable state instead of trying to help the struggling mom! “[He] told off a cameraman for filming her in such a state… He didn’t think it was right,” reports Starcasm. “They knew the extreme stress she was going through. They took advantage of her during a difficult period.”

The source maintains that now Leah’s medication has been adjusted and she is doing better.  Leah denies being addicted to pain medication but previous reports say her family was trying to convince MTV to pay for rehab for Leah!

Even worse – Leah will be returning to court very soon to work out child support and custody issues with Corey, who is reportedly trying to use footage from the last season of TM2 to demonstrate that Leah may not be stable enough to care for the twins! 

Hopefully with TM2 back in her life, Leah can get the help she needs and work out her issues with Corey


 [Photo Credits: Twitter]