Heather Dubrow On How She’s Changed, If Brooks Ayers Is Faking Cancer, And Why Last Season Was So Terrible!

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Heather Dubrow is dishing on all things Real Housewives Of Orange County, including what she’s learned from last season, how she feels about the allegations of Brooks Ayers is faking cancer, a new TV show, and her opinion on Meghan Edmonds

“I’ve learned to let go. I’m definitely a control freak, but this year I’ve gotten much better with not needing to be in control of every situation,” explains Heather. “I got to a place where I realized, you can’t do everything perfectly – you have to let go a little bit. I’m much more ‘me’ on the show this year because I feel much more relaxed.” 


It was the dramatic last season that propelled Heather towards this change.  “Last year I felt like I was vilified. It was just a hard year, not hard like bad, but just hard: we had moved into this rental – we had moved twice – I was working, Terry was gone for like 6/7 months, and obviously I have my priority – my four kids and building this house,” Heather admits. “I was tired, I was angry, I didn’t see the ladies very much so I always felt like I was playing catch-up, and then anything I said was just used and twisted; it was just awful! I hated it – and I didn’t like who I became because of those feelings. I’m not blaming anyone else but the way it manifested in me wasn’t good.”

After the season was over, Heather temporarily shifted her focused to scripted television in a show for the Crackle Network and contemplated not returning to RHOC. “It was so nice to get away from ‘reality’ for a while,” she laughs. “I took a break. I spent time with my family, I spent time with Terry, and that’s when I decided I would come back to the show, because I realized I didn’t want that to be the last taste in my mouth and I do have friendships with these women that I didn’t want to end that way.”

“I’m glad I came back,” Heather tells Perez Hilton. “And I’m glad I explored relationships that weren’t working, that now are. For example, Shannon – now I really do consider her a friend ” Heather was also happy to repair her relationship with Tamra Judge. “I feel really good about all of my relationships.” 

And Heather is expanding her horizons even more! Heather and Terry Dubrow have a new show in the works! “We have a cool TV project coming up,” she hints without giving away any details. 

Describing their relationship as a “true partnership,” Heather jokes that when she met Terry she didn’t think it work out because she’s “all real” and wondered if Terry was “evaluating” her. “I think I’m one of 10 women left in Orange County who don’t have implants. It just feels so cliché to me to be married to a plastic surgeon and have implants. No – I can’t do it.” More power to you Heather!  “They say ‘Love blind is blind’ and he just thinks I’m perfect, so I’m just gonna let that ride,” Heather teases. 

Another reason this season is so different for Heather is because of how RHOC has transitioned from focusing on arguments about “petty drama,” to focusing on real real life. “It’s real life struggles. And all these situations are so very real. Watching the relationships of everyone and how they intertwine… there are some very odd twists. ” Naturally, Heather is trying to stay out of getting down and dirty. Ick – germs! “You really never know what goes on behind closed doors…”

“I think Meghan has been a really, really good addition to the show,” insists Heather. “Bringing someone younger, who has a different attitude and perspective on things is great. You can’t have a group of women who are exactly the same, that would be incredibly boring.” Well, Meghan is also incredibly boring and she has a perspective I don’t want. 

And now for the drama we all want to dive into: Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks and the possibility that he’s faking cancer, Heather is refraining from sharing her opinion at this point and leaving it up to the audience to judge. “I think the whole thing will sort of be tried by the court of public opinion,” she shrugs and seems distressed about it. 

“I have always been a big supporter of Vicki and Brooks. I love Vicki, she’s a good friend,” Heather clarifies. “There are just so many inconsistencies and there were some lies told, and it’s really, really… disturbing. And then what do you say? You hope it’s not true, but then you don’t want to hope someone is ill.” 

“We all do and say very regrettable things in our time,” reminds Heather. “And if you film someone for a year you can cut together two very different movies of their life. You could do a hero movie and make them look fabulous and funny and wonderful; or you could do another focusing on every time they’ve messed up. And make them look a completely different way.” 

“For every 30 hours we film, 20 minutes makes it to the air. Of course there’s things I definitely regret, but it’s all how you handle it from that point forward.” Heather says fixing it and making amends is what helps a person grow and learn, which is what she strives to do with each season. But now Heather fully embraces reality TV and is no longer comparing it to scripted television. “My perspective on the entire thing has changed!” 

You can see Heather’s full interview below. 


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