Brooks Ayers Recorded By Ryan Culberson Calling Vicki Gunvalson A F–king Wh@re, Threatens To “Beat” Her! Apologizes To The Real Housewives of Orange County Star!


Dang, don't mess with a grifter's game! Brooks Ayers had a pretty sweet gig as the affirmation swilling boyfriend of sugarmama Vicki Gunvalson

Unfortunately everyone saw Brooks' true colors but the Real Housewives of Orange County star who finally wised up (after he reportedly caused her to be sued) and dumped Brooks! Now it seems horrific details of their increasingly volatile and frightening relationship will be aired during the third installment of the RHOC reunion where Brooks will make an appearance! 

Vicki and Brooks' relationship seemed increasingly sketchy this season as he was pressuring her with ultimatums and odd emotional manipulations. Vicki often seemed desperate around Brooks, who last season was bending over backwards to flatter and woo her. 


Brooks has not taken the news of being dumped well. He made a few comments on twitter and now it emerges that Vicki apparently became afraid of Brooks during the course of their relationship. Apparently the concern of Vicki's daughter Briana Culberson and her friend Tamra Barney were justified! 

In recordings made last year, Brooks was caught threatening physical violence against Vicki! In the scandalous recordings, obtained by RadarOnline. In the secretly recorded tapes, Brooks sounds drunk and calls Vicki a "f*cking whore.” He then threatens to “beat her ass.” When confronted on the tapes about why he would be hitting Vicki, Brooks responded with: “because I can (and) that’s what we do in the South.”

Interestingly, it seems the tapes were recorded by Vicki's son-in-law Ryan Culberson who is vehemently against Brooks and had a security system installed in Vicki's house to monitor things. Brooks insists Ryan recorded them "without his knowledge" after the two had been "out drinking". A source told Radar the tapes were recorded because those close to Vicki were afraid Brooks may harm Vicki!

Ironically, Ryan has recently been in the news over his aggressive behavior towards Lydia McLaughlin's mother during the RHOC season finale party. It also emerged that the Marine has a previous arrest for domestic violence

When the man who is allegedly Ryan warns Brooks against domestic violence, Brooks suggest Ryan "should" beat women. In the second recording, Brooks complains that Vicki "read him the riot act" because he was "drunk" again. 

“The topic and Mr. Ayers’ related comments were filmed in July, 2013, and are scheduled to air during the ‘Reunion,’” Brooks' attorney Patricia A. Marr, Esq. said. “While Mr. Ayers appreciates the opportunity to comment for your media outlet, he is prohibited from commenting about future air segments.”

Brooks was reportedly dumped by Vicki via text and was furious, warning her to "Be careful" or he would disparage her reputation. Unfortunately camp Vicki may have beat him to it! “The airing of the audio and the running of the story referencing my public breakup via text is nothing more than a continued effort to defame me,” Brooks said in response to the story. 

You can hear the full audio at RadarOnline

In response to explosive situation, Brooks has formally issued an apology for his atrocious behavior. “I want to sincerely apologize to everyone for my actions that have recently been made public," Brooks said in an effort to appear contrite. The father of three reveals that he was exposed to domestic violence and understands the devastation it has on a family. 

“I was exposed at an early age to abuse and I can assure everyone that I do not, in any way and/or under any circumstance deem it okay to abuse anyone. For the record, I have never abused anyone or had a domestic abuse issue.”

"For those who have been a victim of domestic abuse and/or been with someone who, at times, drinks too much, I know that the memories of those times are horrific,” Brooks revealed. 

“No excuses," Brooks continues, "I am taking ownership of my poor decision making, actions, and unkind words said about those that I care deeply about. Please accept my apology." 

"I made several very poor choices that night,” he adds. "For over a year, I have personally taken steps to alleviate making these mistakes ever again while understanding the brevity of my actions as well.” Unfortunately just recently Brooks went on a bit of a rampage on Twitter, slamming Vicki after their breakup. 

Brooks was in the media last year when his child support issues hit the media. He was previously the subject of a 20/20 Investigative Report over being a "deadbeat dad". 

“As a man, father, businessman, and human being I would never condone, nor take lightly, drinking too much or encouraging/making comments about ‘beating’ a woman." Brooks pleads for everyone's forgiveness and claims he is currently in counseling. 

Vicki has not commented on the situation at this time. 

Personally, I am shocked! Wow. 

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