Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Quit Wasting Drinks, People!

LHHATL tiffany jessica dime

Is it just me, or are the “Previously On” clips for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta getting longer and longer with each passing week? Perhaps if there weren’t so many characters stars to keep up with, we wouldn’t need such an extensive reminder of what’s been going on up to this point! Last night’s episode begins as Kalenna douses Rasheeda Frost with her drink. Tony Vick ushers out her wife as Rasheeda complains to Kirk. Kalenna is beyond hurt that Tony would casually mention he thinks she’s suffering from postpartum depression in front of a friend who may spread the news as gossip.

Momma Dee is prepping for her big day with Ernest. She’s flower shopping with the mother of her granddaughter, Erica Dixon. Dee praises Erica and Lil’ Scrappy for being able to co-parent so well together even though they are no longer a couple, and she asks Erica to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Where is Ashton Kutcher? Is Erica being punked? Dee and Erica have always had a tumultuous relationship, but now that Scrappy and Erica are getting along, Dee would like to repair her friendship with Imani’s mom. Erica is flattered, but she’s going to have to think about the offer.


Over lunch, Tiffany Foxx is meeting with Joseline Hernandez to make sure she’s cool with her collaboration with Stevie J. Joseline is floored by this news…her husband never mentioned this fake record label, his studio time with Tiffany, or any of the other nonsense to which Tiffany is referring. Tiffany swears their music is on the up-and-up with no funny business behind the scenes, and Joseline thanks her for her honesty, citing she believes that there is nothing shady going on between Tiffany and Stevie. She then segues into a diatribe about how crazy her sex life is with Stevie, so why would he ever feel the need to look elsewhere? Joseline describes her threesome with Stevie and Jessica Dime in which Stevie just watched…he thought Jessica was too fat for him to participate. Joseline continues that Jessica is classless, and Tiffany is glad the women can bond over their dislike for Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter. 

lhhatl tiffany foxx

Nikko is treating his visiting mother Vanessa to lunch to discuss his issues with Margeaux. On cue, Margeaux joins the pair, and hugs are exchanged all around. Nikko announces they are working towards a divorce, and Vanessa is shocked. A tearful Margeaux explains her feelings, and Vanessa asks both if they are involved with someone else. Nikko is single, but Margeaux admits she has met someone else. Nikko is hurt and embarrassed (in front of his mom, no less!), but Margeaux swears that the divorce was inevitable regardless of the other man. Across town, Karlie Redd pops in on Kalenna and her new baby to offer her support as her friend goes through this difficult time. Kalenna dishes on the horrific double date with the Frosts and reveals Tony’s concern that she has postpartum depression. She’s hurt by the fact that Rasheeda laughed at this assertion, but she admits that she believes she has some sort of chemical imbalance after her son’s birth. Karlie shares her own bout with postpartum and urges her friend to get help.

After Bambi and Scrap’s argument over her secret stint as a video vixen in some other dude’s music, the two have cooled off and are talking through their issues. Bambi apologizes for not being forthcoming with her job and Scrap promises to support his lady. He loves her like Italians love pasta. That’s real, y’all. Scrappy knows that if Dee and Ernest can make things work given their crazy past, he and Bambi have a fighting chance. Also making it work (or twerk?) is the Puerto Rican Princess. She’s in the studio recording her new track sans Stevie. If he wants to work with bum Tiffany Foxx, she can find producers that understand her sound better than her husband. Karlie accepts Joseline’s invitation to listen to her new music, and Karlie is surprised to find that Stevie is nowhere in sight. Joseline explains that Stevie is back in the mix with P. Diddy and has a movie in the works yet he still wants to play record label with Mimi Faust who can’t make a decent sex tape much less run a business. 

lhhatl scrappy bambi

Now that she’s come clean to Nikko and Vanessa, Margeaux is hoping to get her music on track and make some friends in Atlanta. She has reached out to Jessica Dime in hopes of a collaboration, but first the ladies need to get gossip out of the way. Dime blasts Mimi as a wannabe manager but says she still wants to record with Stevie. However, after hearing about Stevie’s shadiness at Margeaux’s photo shoot, Jessica thinks that Mimi’s failure was a blessing in disguise. Margeaux offers up a verse on her latest track in the hopes that Jessica will want to work together. Meanwhile, Erica is assisting Dee with wedding dress shopping when Dee’s entourage arrives at the store. Dee crosses her fingers that her bridesmaids will be down with the crown and not start a fight at the boutique. Daughter Jasmine is livid that her mother’s wedding is so fast approaching, and Bambi lodges passive aggressive digs at Erica before getting shut down by the bride-to-be. Dee lectures her daughter with a speech that would make Humpty Dumpty proud.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been treated to a Joseline/Stevie bedroom scene…thankfully. I guess it was time, and Joseline has staged an elaborate night of sexcapades in hopes of catching her husband in a lie. When she complains about his busy schedule, Stevie whispers that he’s been working with Tiffany. Joseline feigns surprise. Didn’t he promise he would refrain from working with regular artististses? Subtitles please! Joseline goes off, saying that she already knows his business and she’s mad that he didn’t tell her from the start. Stevie can’t decided whether to be peeved at Tiffany for going to Joseline or Joseline for snooping in his business. Joseline continues that she’s working on a record without him, and Stevie reminds her that she’d better not be using his industry connections. He threatens that cutting him out of her career won’t fare well for his wife before storming out of the bedroom. 

LHHATL stevie joseline

Tiffany is meeting with her manager Brooke to fill her in on her studio time with Stevie. Coincidentally, Dime and her manager Dawn are across the club. Jessica doesn’t want to start a fight, but she feels the need to confront Tiffany over their altercation in the studio with Mimi. The ladies try to keep calm, but Jessica is perturbed to learn that Tiffany is working with both Jazzy Phe and Stevie. Tiffany throws Mimi under the table, claiming that Mimi is telling folks that Jessica is too unprofessional to work with artists and producers of this caliber. Instead of channeling her anger at Mimi, Jessica starts screaming at Tiffany who lodges stripper insults at Jessica. Drinks are thrown and security intervenes, per the usual. Mimi better watch her back. Dime’s coming for her!


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