Kathy Hilton Defends Kim Richards Against Dr. Drew!

Kim Richards & Kathy Hilton

Well Kim Richards has 2 people still singing her praises: her ex-husband Monty and “Good Witch Sister” Kathy Hilton!

Five minutes after leaving rehab and claiming she’s my sobriety-ing herself to a whole new life, Kim was busted for shoplifting from Target (her son Kingsley needed dog food!). 

Always one to jump aboard the USS Celebrity Trainwreck, Dr. Drew commented on Kim’s latest shenanigan and described it as a desperate cry for help from the former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star. Luckily for Kim, Kathy tweeted in defense (does that hold up in a court of law) of her sister.

I was still puzzling over who ponied up Kim’s $5,000 bail – especially since she was said to be living inside the palatial walls of her luxury SUV – but I guess I have my answer, everyone’s favorite magician: Kathy


“@ drdrew I had a feeling you would weigh in on my sisters situation, surprised u r that desperate that u would be on with people so unkind,” Kathy tweeted. 


Kathy also retweeted a bunch of supportive tweets for Kim and others praising her for coming to Kim’s defense… unlike SOME sisters (Ahem… KYLE RICHARDS!). (I Kid)

Although Kyle did instagram an ambiguous message that seemed aimed at Kim’s situation. 


[Credit: Instagram]

A source shares that Kim is angry with her sisters because she believes they’re not supportive, but per the usual she’s directing most of her angst towards Kyle. “There are people in the family who wish she had stayed in rehab longer,” reveals E! News. “They weren’t happy she chose to leave early.”

“No one understands what she’s doing,” adds another insider. “Her family is so concerned. And they’re fed up.”

Kim’s anger at her sisters explains why she has no place to live – she doesn’t want to shack up with either of them. But seriously if you’re homeless – why are you shoplifting home goods and toys from Target??? The source denies that Kim is living in her car, by the way, but clarifies she is “jumping house” until she finds someplace more permanent.

As for why Kim’s financial situation is so dire, the insider explains that she has “mismanaged her money” for years and it has destroyed the stability of her life.

Kim reportedly thought her mother Big Kathy would solely leave her the Palm Springs house after her death since Kim cared for Big Kathy in last years. However Kathy kept her will as is, leaving the house jointly to all three sisters. Kim was already having financial struggles at that time despite hefty alimony and child support payments from her 2 ex-husbands, and daughter Kimberly’s father.