Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Althea Heart And Benzino Fight It Out On Social Media

Althea Heart

Althea Heart and Benzino are expecting their first child together in November, but it seems the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars are on the rocks and battling it out on Twitter. 

Althea and Benzino went back and forth last night, and then tried to delete the mess, but you can’t erase the internet.  Althea started off by accusing Benzino of treating her bad, which set him off and they spiraled from there. 


Benzino’s responded with, “Don’t matter how mad I get, I would never try to embarrass or slander the person I love or once loved..”  Althea blasted back on Instagram (with a shot of Zino’s Tweet), “This mess only gets worse! Then stop acting and treating me fucked up in real life! As long as you can act like everything is all right for people you don’t even know! Fed up!! You don’t care what I say or feel til after the fact. #controlfreak #bipolar #selfish #asshole#REALLife#singlemom  I don’t do this mess for TV! Once loved right so why you posting pics yesterday like we all good? Stop.  I wanna be happy but can’t with your back and forth ass!”


Althea deleted the above and then shared, “I’m going to be the bigger person and stop showing the way I’m feeling.. I have a son on the way and even tho I’m bitter.. We will be ok! 

I laid down with someone I didn’t fully get to know 1st so I have to deal with the things that happened so far that I am not happy with.  I want to be the the role model I was before fame and stop letting someone control my actions. I’m going to be a mother and that what it is.  I’m scared and I do feel alone as I just want to move forward and be happy. It starts with self.” 

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A Twitter follower accused Althea of faking the drama to promote Marriage Boot Camp.  She responded saying that she would block the follower, but she respected their opinion.  What do you think – fake drama or the real thing spilling all over social meda? 

These two have a baby coming in three months, so I hope they can get it together before that!


Photo Credit: Instagram

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