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Vicki Gunvalson’s breakup with live-in boyfriend Brooks Ayers is a hot topic of discussion lately. And one has to wonder how current circumstances are shaping Vicki’s perspective of the rest of this season’s Real Housewives of Orange County, given that her partner in crime (perhaps literally!) is no longer by her side. Although Vicki does touch on her breakup with Brooks in her blog this week, she spends most of her time rehashing Brooks’ birthday dinner, and dishing on more of what we didn’t see of the intense grilling session that Heather Dubrow, Meghan Edmonds, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador had with Brooks about his illness, or lack thereof, at Cut Fitness. 

“Well here we go – the train has left the station so to speak regarding Brooks‘ cancer,” begins Vicki. “It’s interesting that Tamra’s ‘psychic’ and his accusation that Brooks doesn’t have cancer is being taken as the truth. Don’t we wish that was the case, but unfortunately it isn’t. Remember when you watch the rest of this season, I’m often put in situations where I’m surrounded by people looking to create drama. However, I don’t think this is funny or entertaining when we are talking about someone’s health. As you all know, Leanne (Jim’s first wife) passed away a few weeks ago and I had hoped she would beat her illness and unfortunately she did not. I’m still wondering in real life situations, would anyone really question someone’s diagnosis that was made by a licensed DOCTOR? I doubt it, but it makes for good TV doesn’t it?”


Vicki thinks it’s important to fill us in on what we missed in the conversation Brooks had with the Three and a Half Witches of Eastwick (Shannon wasn’t quite in on the shakedown yet, so I’m throwing her a bone!) at Cut Fitness. Vicki claims, “Brooks felt like he was on a witness stand being asked questions about his treatment and his cancer – which was very odd. Even though you only saw a few minutes of the conversation, it actually went on for much longer than that. We didn’t really know at the time why everyone was asking so many questions, and now it all makes sense after watching this episode.”

Not realizing that Tamra & Co. had orchestrated engaged in the whole psychic scenario prior to their conversation, Vicki says she was confused about the ladies’ sudden level of interest in Brooks‘ health, but it all came to light later. “I still can’t figure out if they really think he doesn’t have cancer, or if they just needed some controversy to film. Knowing what we know now, Brooks felt ‘set up’ by being asked to come for birthday cake, when really all they just wanted to do was ask him questions about his health after seeing the psychic.”

Moving on to the dinner-that-almost-was with Shannon and David Beador, Vicki explains her disproportionately heated reaction to Shannon’s attempt at spilling her “secret.” Vicki defends, “I promised Brooks a stress free night because it was his birthday and I wanted it to be nice for him. We already felt it was a little ‘off’ at the studio earlier in the day and he even told me that evening that he wanted to cancel dinner as something wasn’t sitting right with him. We had plans for Shannon and David to join us, and I promised him that it would be fine.”

Vicki claims that she never saw it coming when Shannon cornered her in the bathroom, thinking instead that Shannon was possibly trying to spill more dirt about David. “Never in a million years did I think she was going to tell me something controversial about Brooks. I just wanted a nice dinner, and I asked her to tell me privately on the phone the next day but she said she needed to tell me then. I knew right away that it was something that would upset either him or I and I was not ok with it. I was upset about it because I promised him it would be stress free easy dinner and I knew now it wasn’t going to be. When I found out it was about Brooks’ cancer, I was extremely upset. I thought her timing stunk!”

Shannon’s timing may have stunk, but Vicki’s reaction frankly reeked. She admits, “I owe Shannon an apology, and am sorry for reacting the way I did. I just wish she would have informed me about this psychic issue privately before or afterwards and not while we were filming dinner. I don’t think EVERYTHING needs to be filmed and I wish things were handled differently by both of us.”


Between the time of filming and now, Detective Vicki did a little leg work in tracking down Tamra’s trusty psychic, Scott, claiming that even he felt like the entire scenario was contrived. “I called and talked to Scott the ‘psychic’ just a few weeks ago. He said to me he felt like he wanted to take a bath after filming with the ladies, because it was so disturbing how they were questioning him about Brooks. He said he was upset on how it ‘all went down’ and said he was sorry for anything that was taken out of context and that he’s not a doctor.” Hmmm. Not sure if ‘m buying this one. (Maybe Tammie Sue’s check bounced and he wants revenge?)

Vicki closes her blog by finally touching on her recent breakup with Brooks, who she says she still loves.  She shares, “It was a very difficult decision, but one that we feel is right for our lives at this time. We looked at our future, and realized that although we love each other we were not meant to be together forever. I wish him the very best in his journey of beating this cancer and pray for his continued healing and I am hopeful we can remain friends. I ask that you be kind to us and not to judge either one of us. We are both experiencing a lot of pain right now, and ask for you to lift us up in prayer for strength during this difficult time.”  


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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