Tamra Judge Claims She Never Intended for ‘Psychic’ Scott to Question Brooks Ayers’ Cancer

Tamra Judge on WWHL

“I like big butts and I cannot lie…” begins Tamra Judge in her Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo blog. Need we read more? Well, we’re going to wade right through this sludge anyway! Tamra hits us this week with her reflections on booty workouts, the psychic powers (or lack thereof) of Scott, and her total innocence <side eye> in questioning the legitimacy of Brooks Ayers’ “battle” with cancer. So, all aboard the crazy train! Here. We. Go. 

Tamra begins with the inspiration behind her booty class, confessing, “unlike Shannon [Beador] I like a big booty, I think it’s sexy.” And apparently, she designed a class to prove this very point, and to use her friends as guinea pigs because CUT fitness doesn’t have enough members to fill a class. She jokes, “Shannon gets an A for effort! I know she has been working hard to get into better shape and I am very proud of her. I was peeing my pants watching her..haha.” Speaking of peeing, Tamra admits, “Let’s be honest any woman who’s had three or more kids pees a little when they run and jump. However, I have found that the more you run and jump and train those muscles the tighter they get. SO RUN SHANNON RUN.”


Explaining her rationale behind serving Brooks birthday cake at a gym (because what goes together better than cakes and gyms?), Tamra writes, “I knew Brooks’ birthday was the day of the booty class so I asked him to stop by after the workout since all the ladies would be there. This had NOTHING to do what Scott had said and it wasn’t to interrogate him about his treatment plan. It was simply a nice gesture and a reason to eat cake and drink after our workout. LOL.” Nice gesture!? “LOL” is right. 

“I had no intention of telling Vicki [Gunvalson] what we had heard from Scott in a group setting,” continues Tamra, “not to keep it a secret but I didn’t feel we needed to make it a topic of conversation that day. After Meghan [Edmonds] brought it up to Shannon, I texted Vicki and said I needed to talk to her about something and to call me the next day. Instead I got a call from Vicki after the dinner asking me what was said and I told her everything.”  

Next, Tamra launches into a full background explanation of Scott, the psychic. Tamra snarks, “Let’s be honest Scott said himself he is not a doctor and he is not Gandhi.” But he did apparently help Tamra during a dark time. She explains, “When I met Scott I was going through some heavy stuff in my life and searching for comfort… Scott and I connected immediately and talking to him became very natural and easy, like old friends. We have so much in common, he jokes that he is a male version of me. We developed a friendship that had little to do with his psychic medium work and more like two friends chit-chatting about their life.”

“But when you’re talking to a friend that can communicate with the dead it can get weird sometimes,” remarks Tamra. “There was this one time that we were talking about something deep and we got interrupted by my grandmother giggling and telling Scott to tell me ‘not to fret,’ that everything would be okay. Neither one of us knew what the word FRET meant. I later told my mom and she said OMG your grandmother used that word all the time.” Alrighty. Let’s just pause while we all gather our thoughts about this one. Tamra and her psychic are indeed kindred spirits if they had to reach beyond the grave to learn the meaning of the word “fret.” #twopeasinapod

Citing that Heather Dubrow was interested in meeting Scott (after she learned of his mad vocab skillz, no doubt!), Tamra claims she set up lunch. But she maintains that they, along with Meghan, talked about a lot more than we saw. Tamra reveals, “unfortunately you only got to see a few minutes of it. When I asked him about Vicki it was out of concern, she had just lost her mother and she kept telling us that Brooks was fighting for his life and if she lost him too she didn’t know what she would do. I was about to ask him if he thought Brooks would beat cancer when he stopped me.” 

Tamra continues, “Scotts words were ‘It sounded wishy-washy and he didn’t see it.’ So I asked, ‘You don’t feel he has cancer?’ Scott said he might be picking up on negative energy and he just doesn’t see it. Instantly we all thought ‘who would lie about having cancer’…talk about bad karma? He also said that Vicki and Brooks had an agreement.” WHAT!? Did we see that part? Okay, I realize home slice doesn’t know the word “fret,” but if he mentioned the word “agreement,” then he might be on to something. Or he might just be repeating what Tamra already knows and has paid him to say


Since filming that fated lunch Tamra reveals, “I talked to Scott and he felt bad, he does not like negativity in his life and was concerned that he opened up a can of worms and he felt dirty, but he was only being honest. Scott also said: Weeks ago Vicki called me wanting to smooth things out about my cancer assessment about Brooks and wanted to know what happened the day I went to lunch with the three ladies. We had a very mature conversation. I wanted to inform Vicki that I never claimed Brooks was lying or that he didn’t actually have cancer, but that in my assessment I DIDN’T SEE IT.” (For more on this, just read Vicki’s blog.)

After Scott finishes his lengthy apology about “not being a doctor” and all (as recapped by Tamra), Tamra launches into an apology of her own. On behalf of her new Christian faith, of course. She closes her blog with a pledge to learn more in Biblical teachings about…psychics. “I have gotten a lot of emails from my Christian friends and I thank you. Warning me about psychic mediums, in upcoming season I talk with Pastors Mike about Scott. At the time I did not know that the bible frowned upon it, I still have a lot to learn on my journey. I am not perfect and never will be so thank you for helping me understand,” ends Tamra. 


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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