Is Bethenny Frankel Dating CNBC Anchor Marcus Lemonis?

Bethenny Frankel dating Marcus Lemonis?

Bethenny Frankel has made no secret that her love life is heating up. While she’s played coy about who the lucky gentleman callers are, she stated she’s not interested in dating fame-seekers or men with Facebook profiles. What about men with their own TV shows?

According to reports Bethenny is getting hot and heavy with CNBC anchor Marcus Lemonis, host of The Profit. Bethenny and Marcus reportedly connected and have a lot in common through their shared interests in business. The Real Housewives Of New York star has been motivated to date a man who is financially stable and has his own career, so from that perspective Marcus seems perfect.

I suppose this means Eric Stonestreet is out? Unless Bethenny is staying true to her own advice and keeping multiple ‘pots’ boiling on the stove until one reaches the perfect temperature! 


A source tells Us Weekly, Bethenny and Marcus “met over the summer and have been seeing each other. He’s really smart, successful, and so nice. They really like each other.” 

Bethenny tweeted about watching Marcus’s show over the summer during a sleepless night. “I like him & his way of doing business,” she informed her followers. It’s unclear if they already knew each other at this point, OR if that was the catalyst for their meeting. 

On Monday the new couple was spotted at NYC restaurant Indochine, where coincidentally they bumped into Ramona Singer, who was dining with her own date, an unidentified man. Witnesses tell Page Six Marcus walked into the restaurant with his arm around Bethenny, and they seemed relaxed and happy. 

Ramona asked Bethenny and Marcus to join their table, but they sat in a quieter booth in the back,” says a spy. 

Last week Bethenny shared a snap of herself in the Hamptons, and the legs of an unidentified man were seen lounging on her bed in the background. Since then rumors have been swirling about the possible object of Bethenny’s ardor. Bethenny claimed to have learned from her disastrous publicity-stunt marriage to Jason Hoppy about revealing every nuance and detail about her love life and has vowed to keep things quiet and mysterious from now on. 

I dunno – these two seem like they would be a great match! I’d love to see Bethenny with someone who is her equal, and challenges her which I think would keep her ego in check! 


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