Tamra Judge Calls Simon Barney A Hypocrite! Is He Jealous Of Her Real Housewives Of Orange County Fame?!

Tamra Barney at the Bravo 2015 UpfrontsSimon Barney and Tamra Judge can’t keep slamming each other publicly! It’s one retaliation after another for the exes over custody of their 16-year-old daughter Sidney!

Last week Tamra did an interview accusing Simon of alienating Sidney and hindering their relationship; Simon fought back accusing Tamra of being a neglectful mother whose outrageous antics on Real Housewives Of Orange County are embarrassing to her teenage daughter. 

In a new report, Simon is accused of publicly leaking court documents and planting a bevy of lies to besmirch Tamra’s unimpeachable reputation! “Shame on my ex for giving radar an half assed statement to a sealed case! I hope he’s proud #POS,” the reality star and born again Christian tweeted. Tamra also accused Simon of bullying her in another tweet and called his behavior “sick.”


When other twitter users cautioned her against sinking to Simon’s level, Tamra insisted it was time for her to stand up for herself! “it’s the control left he has on me. So he thinks. Time to let go,” she wrote. Calling herself the “victim of lies,” Tamra said, “it’s sad he can’t let go and be happy.” 

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In response to Simon’s interview accusing her of lewd and explicit sexual acts on TV (bathtub sex and pseudo sex tape to advertise CUT Fitness, along with stripper-laden bachelorette parties!), Tamra seethed,”Hypocrite much? Btw he loves anal beads.” She added, “Some never move on. Bye Felicia.”

Heather Dubrow even defended Tamra by calling her co-star an “amazing mom” in an attempt to dispel “ridiculous rumors.”

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Tamra claims it is Simon who is the the abusive parent – not her – because parental alienation (which she deemed Sidney has) is abuse. A judge ruled Tamra was innocent of causing parental alienation, but noted that Sidney was “extremely reluctant” to have a relationship with her mother. 

A source speaking to Rumor Fix on Tamra‘ s behalf insisted that everything Simon says is “all lies” because he is jealous of Tamra’s fame: 

— “Simon uses the show to alienate Tamra’s oldest daughter from her. It’s SICK,” describes the insider, who claimed Tamra’s other two children, Sophia and Spencer whom Tamra and Simon share joint custody of, “hate him [Simon] and want away from him so bad.”


— When SIMON was on RHOC he had no problem with Tamra’s over-the-top behavior! “It’s awfully hypocritical coming from a guy that previously on the show was doing shots of tequila, lingerie scenes in Napa with Tamra, beer bongs and lap dancing in Havasu and dancing with other women in a nightclub on his short stint on RHOC,” slams the insider. “It was fine when him and Tamra did silly stuff on the show but now that they are divorced and Eddie’s on the show, he can’t stand it! Sounds like someone can’t stand to be out of the spotlight!”

Also, Simon has a very young girlfriend who has no problem putting super sexy photos on the internet and certainly isn’t, according to the ‘source,’ the type of person you would want around your children. There’s a [very blurry] photo of the alleged new lady here

Well, there you have it – Tamra never does anything wrong according to her, and Simon never does anything wrong according to him! So it sounds like both these idiots need to remember they have THREE children who are all reading this information AND the victim of their parent’s mutual immaturity and selfishness! Of course, that’s just my opinion. 


Photo Credit:   Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com