Simon Barney Claims Tamra Judge Is An “Abusive” Mother And Blames Real Housewives Of Orange County

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Simon Barney is done keeping silent about his acrimonious custody battle with Tamra Judge! Unfortunately, in the middle of it is Tamra and Simon’s 16-year-old daughter Sidney. After Tamra accused Simon of controlling Sidney in an interview last week, Simon is fighting back by defending his behavior and labeling Tamra as an “abusive” mother

“I have always tried to keep quiet and take the high road. Unfortunately the latest barrage of negative press has warranted some kind of statement,” Simon declared. “My statement is to set the record straight with facts, truths, not fabrications and accusations.”

Last week the Real Housewives Of Orange County star made several scathing accusations against Simon, including that Sidney was a victim of ‘parental alienation’ because of Simon preventing Sidney from having a relationship with Tamra. Tamra claimed a therapist working with her and Sidney backed her claim and Tamra was found innocent of “alienating behaviors.” 


Tamra also stated that Simon stopped Sidney from attending court-ordered therapy, and instead convinced their daughter to testify that she no longer wanted therapy. As a result the judge rescinded the therapy order. 

Sidney chooses to live with Simon full-time, a decision Tamra blames on Simon! Referring to her ex-husband as “the gatekeeper,” Tamra told Radar Online, “I’m devastated and worried about Sidney’s future under her father’s control. I’ve tried everything to get my daughter help…” 

Simon, however, denies that there is any truth to Tamra’s accusations and instead calls her the unfit parent. The exes have been battling in court for years. A judge previously dismissed claims Simon made accusing Tamra of neglect, but now he is making these allegations again! This time to People

Simon disparages Tamra’s public persona and behavior. He blames Tamra’s behavior on RHOC for the reason Sidney has distanced herself. He also expressed his disgust at Tamra for going to the tabloids repeatedly with their private, family matters. “Not only does my daughter have to read and hear about what her mother says about her father on the internet and various talk-shows, she is forced to relive it over and over from her ‘friends and classmates,'” remarked Simon.

Simon insists his reasons for speaking out now is to protect his daughter. “The not so classy moments her mother is so famous for on the show which she is a main cast member, i.e., bathtub scene, talking about anal sex, talking about having sex with her husband, being topless, grabbing other women’s body parts, trash talking, throwing wine, drunk, having her private parts in a man’s face, having a male stripper’s private parts in her face and being overall abusive,” laments Simon. 

And it’s clear – Simon blames RHOC for ruining Tamra’s relationship with Sidney! This season Tamra believes she is taking a different direction and claims to have connected to the lord and found Jesus. 


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