“I Just Can’t Do It Anymore” – Heather Thomson Relieved To Be Done With Real Housewives Of New York

Heather ThomsonHeather Thomson has officially called it quits regarding Real Housewives Of New York. After 3 “all positive” seasons on the show, Heather is relieved to move on and focus on other aspects of life, like her business Yummie Tummie. 

After a season of frustrating relationships and failing friendships, Heather found herself at a cross-roads. “My third year I kind of figured out where I was with the women. There was a beginning, middle and end for everything, and for me, that was the end,” says Heather, who credits the process for making her “wiser.” 


“The opportunity, the experience — it was all amazing while it lasted, but, again … the third time was the charm for me,” added Heather. “I built true relationships and I lost true relationships, and for that I’m truly grateful.” 

Heather also dished on “the genius of casting” in regards to creating the drama. “They don’t match you with normal people you’d gravitate toward,” she explained. “They put you in a situation of people you wouldn’t normally be with … that is interesting to see you react and interact with someone you wouldn’t normally hang out with.”  

For instance, “Ramona [Singer] is not someone that I think if we met socially, either of us would gravitate towards one another,” Heather shared with Entertainment Tonight. “We overcame our differences.”

Despite frustrations with her relationships on the show, Heather maintains her leaving was mainly a result of the massive time commitment. “The reality of it that I just can’t do it anymore. I have to focus on the things that are really, really important in my life and that’s my family and my business. While I’m filming the show I also am running a multi-million dollar business, and it takes away a lot of my time from the company.”

“It’s all positive for me – I had such an amazing experience,” insists Heather. “It was a phenomenal opportunity.” Sadly it wasn’t amazing enough for Heather to return, although she’s keeping the “door open” for an occasional return next season. 

Other sources describe Heather’s parting as a mutual decision between herself and Bravo. The show allegedly caused strain in her personal life and Heather battled with producers over about sharing details about her marriage. As a result Bravo shelved the majority of her storyline. 

I truly LOVED this season and was hoping all the ladies would return. I thought the dynamic was the perfect miss of crazy, quirky, and down-to-earth. I never minded Heather’s bossy bravado because she usually cut through the BS and could get problem solved quickly. However I understand her frustrations with RHONY. Hopefully who ever joins next season – if there is a new Housewife – will be a great replacement. 


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