Real Housewives Of New York Premieres April 7th?! Cast Says There Are A Lot Of “Tears,” But True Friendships And Real Drama!

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Whew – so drama is steeping on Real Housewives Of New York – and by the sound of things, no one is getting along very well with Bethenny Frankel. In a new interview the cast is evasive, but seems to imply that Bethenny is not meshing well with the newer Housewives! With the 7th season premiering April 7th, the cast says the theme will be “true friendships,” while being very evasive about where Bethenny fits into that! 

Andy Cohen described the season as “#RHOMG” tweeting:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.54.02 PMBethenny confirmed this season has been interesting and assures that she does not shy away from drama or confrontation – and she also leaked that RHONY will be hitting our TV screens soon!


Bethenny calls the season full of the unexpected! “It’s an enjoyable season; it’s very different than past seasons. And I’m surprised, but I really loved it and I’m excited,” she quipped. “I’m happy to be back with these women – I never thought I’d say that.” 

The veterans… I’m good with. I think we’re all older and wiser,” Bethenny clarified to Fusion.Net. “There will be new discord, and, of course, I’m gonna get into it with whoever is bothering me. I haven’t changed that much!” 

While Bethenny has been accused of being distant and unsupportive of co-stars, she denies being the cause of the mayhem this season. “I don’t think I bring the drama – I think the drama is there, I just might happen to call it out,” asserts Bethenny.

She also shares that despite reports Ramona Singer is “good.” Calling Ramona a “great Housewife,” Bethenny describes Pinot as “very entertaining” this season. 

Explaining that Bethenny “hasn’t really interacted on a daily basis” with the veterans, Ramona shares that there are many twists and turns this season. “I think you’ll see a true friendship and relationship evolve amongst us all. So it’ll be interesting to see who gets along with who, who gets into fights with who.”

With several of the cast members facing big changes this season, it seems we can expect drastic friendship changes and very real emotions. 

“There’s a lot of tears and emotion, but real and authentic,” Carole Radziwill elaborates. “But our relationships have all come to a point where we know who we like and who we don’t. Friendships, fights, and makeups.”

Carole insists that the season is “very funny,” however. And says she and Sonja Morgan are on the mend after she “checked out on Sonja Morgan after the toaster oven thing.” 

Heather Thomson chimes in that she, Carole, and Kristen Taekman remain “thick as thieves,” and she learned something about what friendship means to some of the other girls. “Whether that brings us together or pulls us apart, you gotta wait and see. It happens in life sometimes,” she tells Wetpaint. Wow – wonder if that means Heather and LuAnn de Lesseps are on the outs! Sads…

“It’s really about true relationships. Either the girls are invested in their relationships with the other girls, or they’re not,” Heather continues. “It’s going to be apparent this year who’s in it for the relationships and who’s in it because they’re in it.”

Heather hints that although she and Bethenny “have a lot in common” it doesn’t turn out how we might expect. “It’s hard to say anything without giving away too much,” she says. “The people that you think are going to get along the best don’t, and the people that you think aren’t going to get along actually do.”

Kristen adds that last season they were “just getting warmed up” but says this season the group does “a lot of fun stuff.” Ramona also confirmed there are 8 Housewives, which would mean that both LuAnn and newbie Dorinda Medley have been permanently added to the cast. 


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