Meghan King Edmonds in NYCMeghan King Edmonds has a lot to say about any subject imaginable. Astro-physics? #F–kOff NASA because Meghan owns moon shoes and therefore knows all! Oncology? Meghan plays with Dr. Barbie! Nutritious eating? Like, Fritos have corn and corn is a vegetable. And of course, parenting! #CoolStepMom 

Meghan also has a lot to say to and about Vicki Gunvalson. Which works out perfectly because Vicki has a lot to say to and about Meghan. My opinion: They should both stop with the personal attacks and accusations!

On the subject of Meghan’s amazing step-momming skills, Meghan may have bragged a bit too soon! After last week’s episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County, her teen stepdaughter Hayley got involved in some big girl drama on twitter when she called Vicki a “dumb bitch.” 



Hayley also tweeted, “Come to the conclusion that @vgunvalson is psychotic….” Vicki hasn’t responded.  Meghan, however, is “proud” of Hayley’s behavior because, #coolstepmom! Perhaps Meghan should set a better example of #decentperson or #notafamewhore?


Meghan clarified to Real Mr. Housewife, “I am not proud of the words she used to articulate her thoughts. I am proud of her for not backing down and sticking up for herself and her family.” I feel bad for Hayley

One family-issue that does frustrate Meghan is that her marriage to the mute and emotionally vacant Jim “isn’t portrayed accurately.” Meghan wants us to believe that Jim is like really, really into her when the cameras aren’t on. Know who else kept insisting that: a woman named Shannon Beador

Meghan’s other frustration with is Vicki. “I’ve never been friends with Vicki,” Meghan explained and therefore, Vicki’s “barbed words” have no effect on her. Maybe Meghan is used to people calling her crazy and deranged at this point? 

Meghan also defends her quest for justice over Brooks and The Cancer. At this point, Meghan’s opinion on Brooks hasn’t changed

“I think that what I’ve said on the show is an accurate representation of how I felt and feel,” defends Meghan, who is doubtful that Vicki and Brooks have really broken up. Labeling Vicki as “cunning,” Meghan quipped, “The timing and announcement is less than ironic.” 

Brooks has stated repeatedly (consider the source!) that he was prevented from “proving” his diagnosis by the powers that be, but all will be revealed and verified at a later point. #DramaticPurporses.  

I’m just going to say it – Meghan perplexes me; her motives are as transparent as Tamra’s lace catsuit! It’s odd to be so hyper-focused on Vicki and Brooks!  Absolutely Brooks is sleazy, but so is Meghan going by her actions! Her agenda to ‘out Brooks in a lie’ seem purely self-serving. She’s not hellbent on exposing him to save a friend from a bad relationship, but because she wants to humiliate some woman she barely knows out of spite, for attention, and to start her TV career. 

Meghan uses similar tactics to insult Jim’s ex-wives: disparaging their parenting, commenting about how they care for their children, and how she can’t “undo the 17-years of mistakes” regarding her step-daughter Hayley, who she professes to love. She also called Jim’s other ex Allison an “extremely unhappy woman.” It’s spiteful, tacky, and immature. There are a lot of rumors out there regarding Meghan, perhaps she’s defensive. Or perhaps she is the bitter one. 

I personally think Meghan is doing Tamra’s dirty work (#TheDevilTamraMadeMeDoIt), and I can forgive her for ripping into Vicki, but I can’t condone or forgive the way she uses her stepdaughter and Jim’s extremely ill exwife for a storyline.  

In other Meghan news she and Jimmy Dad Jeans apparently bought a cabin in Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho at Gozzer Ranch. Photos are below. Meghan and Jim also celebrated Hayley’s 18th birthday. “Free Bird” played on repeat that day… 

Also, Meghan time to ditch the My Little Pony hair, even if it fits your mentality. Gwen Stefani you are not, honey. 


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