Meghan King Edmonds

Real Housewives of Orange County this week went from “relaxing” to “holy balls” for Meghan King Edmonds.

Given Meghan‘s obsession with Brooks Ayers‘ cancer, it should come as NO surprise that she sung Briana Culberson‘s praises after her confrontation with Vicki Gunvalson. But first, Megan shared her thoughts on her dinner with Jim Emdonds and her BRCA gene test.

“Watching Jimmy and I eat dinner alone at our house was relaxing to see,” said Meghan. “We rarely do that. We travel so much so we either eat on the go or go out and catch up with friends. I think the dinner date at home alone with your spouse is underrated – we need to do more of that!


Moving on, Meghan explained why her mom did not want her tested for the BRCA gene, “My mom didn’t want me to get tested until I was ready to ‘take the next step’ which would be a prophylactic double mastectomy (like she did) and she knew I wanted to have a baby before I had the surgery (if needed). She did not want me to live with a) a cloud hanging over my head that I have the BRCA gene and not getting surgery right away or b) false hope that I will never get breast cancer. In my mind, neither of these options would have happened to me which is why I got the test.”

Meghan shared, “I finally got my results and they are negative but I continue to be vigilant about doing my monthly self-breast exams.”

Last week, Meghan tweeted about the ending of this episode, “Holy. Balls. Just watched the next ep of #RHOC AND HOLYYYYY BALLLLSSSSS!!!! #micdrop.”


“I watched as a viewer and had no clue what happened actually happened,” continued Meghan. “Wowzas! The end is cray cray. Like legit cray cray. Watch from start to finish.”

Via her blog, Meghan added, “Wow. The end of this episode dropped a bomb on me. I had never seen Briana on a full episode of RHOC until this one and I have to say – I love her. She seems so real and down to earth.”

Meghan observed, “When Vicki was speaking to Briana at the end of the episode something stuck out to me: when Vicki said ‘Say thank you!’ to Briana. I am beginning to see a pattern; Vicki attempts to control negativity (or perceived negativity) in her life by overcompensating with ‘positives’ she can control, such as a new car or invitation to stay at her home. Therefore she becomes a victim when a sore subject arises because she deflects to the positive she has done.”

It’s hard for me to take Meghan seriously (holy balls? hashtag side eye!), but I have to begrudgingly admit that her observation of Vicki is spot on.


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