NeNe Leakes To The Thirsty Chicks On Real Housewives Of Atlanta: “Let’s See What You Can Do”

NeNe Leakes

While in New York City for Fashion Week, NeNe Leakes stopped by Extra to chat with AJ Calloway. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star dished on her recent cameo on the Real Husbands of Hollywood, the ‘thirsty chicks’ on RHOA, and her stint on Fashion Police.

About her appearance on the Real Husbands of Hollywood, NeNe gushed, “I love those guys. Working with Kevin Hart, Nelly , Boris, they were so great. They were great to work with. Kevin let me walk in and do whatever I wanted to do. He was like, ‘Come on, let’s do this thing.’ You know, he’s super short, coming right up to about my Hello Kitty. <points to crotch area> He’s super tiny, love Kevin though. He’s so fun. They’re so talented.”


 Will NeNe appear on Real Husbands of Hollywood again?

“I don’t know. I was told that Kevin is like the NeNe of the group. He is like the ‘little trouble maker.’ I was like, ‘Excuse me? I’m not the trouble maker. I beg to differ, honey! Okayyy!’ Once that we clear that up, I might go back. They need to clear that up.”

NeNe said a return to RHOA is a “possibility” but not for Season 8.

“Being on The Housewives of Atlanta was great for me,” said NeNe. “It opened up many doors and opportunities. So many doors and opportunities that I got so many thirsty chicks trying to be on the show, running around, and trying to do 99 things. And all of them wanna be a little NeNe. I would go back at some point, but right now for Season 8, I want to take a break. I just want to step back, chill out a minute, do a few other things. And all those thirsty girls… let’s see what you can do.”

When asked about the violence on Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe told Extra, “I’ve been on the show since day one and I’ve never had a physical fight on the show. Ever. Now roll that tape. <snaps fingers> My mouth is so rough and ruthless, I say something and make you feel like you were slapped. I never had to pick up my hand and actually slap you or pull your wig off or kick you or anything. I just say something and you felt kicked.”

NeNe added, “We argue. Obviously, we’re women so we have our differences, but to start to physically fight each other? Oh, no no no no no no no noooo. We way too old for that. There’s no need to be physically fighting.”

What did NeNe think about being on Fashion Police?

“I absolutely love doing Fashion Police. I have my own clothing line on HSN. I love talking about fashion. I’ve had my own fashion mistakes myself, and then I have great moments. You’ll never know unless you’re out there trying different things in fashion.”

NeNe continued, “I did it with Joan Rivers when Joan was alive and now that she’s gone, it’s a little bit of a different vibe, but I know Giuliana Rancic, I know Melissa Rivers, I know Brad Goreski. We have great chemistry together, so I absolutely love doing Fashion Police.”

Transparent, thy name is NeNe Leakes. It’s beyond obvious to me that NeNe gushed over everyone she has worked with recently because she is desperate to be invited back. She does not want to go back to those “thirsty chicks” on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but a day here and a day there of guest spots is not going to pay that new mortgage for very long. Too bad, so sad, maybe if she let some air out of her over-inflated head…


Photo Credit: D Dipasupil/Getty Images

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