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NeNe Leakes shared her Real Housewives of Atlanta blog on her personal website this week, sharing her thoughts on the NeNe-bashing and Cynthia Bailey looking foolish burning up her “friend contract.”

NeNe starts off with big praises for Gregg.  “After a long trip with these girls it’s always good to fall back into the arms of my sweet hubby Gregg! The one thing my hubby and I share is laughter. We love a good laugh! Kudos to my hubby for always being a great listener and giving great advice! He never bashes the other ladies no matter what my relationship is with them and he always says hello to them when he sees them out. Boy do I know how to keep’em talking! As much as they don’t like me, they just can’t seem to keep my name out of their mouths!”

She then addresses the ladies having what she calls “NeNe meetings” to bash her and plotting to bring her down.  “I got’em waking up early on Monday mornings doing local radio just to talk about me! One thing is for sure, you can’t fool the viewing audiences. You can easily spot the ones that are trying to maintain a pay check by any means necessary. The gang-ups and bashing is not a good look either but I betcha when they gathered to have their “Nene meetings” they thought they had the perfect plan. The plan being to form an alliance to bring me down by throwing obstacles in my way and using name calling like beast, bully, bipolar and bad friend with hopes of blocking my path. But you can’t block God. Isn’t it funny how people call you the names that actually apply to them! Ummmhmmm! I know it would warm these girls’ hearts if Phaedra and I would continue to argue! The fact that we decided to move on probably burns them up inside. We’re certainly not BFFs! We don’t do dinners, drinks or even take rode trips together. We just simply found a way to move on and respect each other’s opinions. I know you guys are watching a show that was shot months ago but don’t forget what I told you not long ago. I am in a place in my life where I do what’s best for Nene. I have found my worth and I am living in my truth by loving myself and my family! I don’t plan on going backwards for anyone! Thanks for letting me be me!” 

NeNe then touches on Cynthia’s ridiculous burning of the contract in her kitchen sink.  “how foolish did Cynthia look burning that friendship contract? Poor thang still trying to use me for a story line but I’m too busy reading scripts and running my businesses to entertain her at the moment. #Girlbye.” 

In other NeNe news – is it possible she’s leaving the show?  We’ve been discussing this since she sent Kenya Moore the cease and desist letter last night.  It’s reportedly in their contracts that they CAN’T sue one another for things they say, so is it a clue that NeNe’s on her way out and moving on to other things?  Or did she send out the letter to have something to dish on at the reunion?  So many possibilities! 


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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