Kim Zolciak Misses Dancing With The Stars; Is Tony Dovolani Throwing Shade At Kim With “Get On A Treadmill” Comment?

Kim Zolciak

From Instagram to Good Morning America to Entertainment Tonight, Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak is squeezing every ounce of attention she can out of her short stint on Dancing with the Stars. Her very short stint. Kim has been talking about her boot from the show longer than she was actually on the show.

In case you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past three weeks, Kim and her pro partner, Tony Dovolani, were forced to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars when Kim suffered a mini stroke and wasn’t medically cleared to fly from Atlanta to Los Angeles for the live show. Kim begged, pleaded, and organized an online petition to get back on the show to no avail. But, still squeezing, Kim shared video today from her last rehearsal with Tony, adding, “I miss dancing!!”


Along with the video, Kim shared, “I miss dancing!! This was at rehearsal. I love the song and the dance! It’s crazy because rehearsing that day I felt very dizzy, just not myself. Who would of thought less than 24 hrs later I would have a TIA and just a couple days later find out I need to have heart surgery. As I sit here and reflect I have learned that even though I am a mother to 6 kids, a wife to an amazing husband, and have a network that counts on me and fans that believe in me, I STILL must listen to myself and my body!”

Rest assured Kim Zolciak fan, you will get to see Kim dance one more time on the Dancing with the Stars season finale.

Tony and I have not discussed what we’re going to do for finale night,” Kim said on Entertainment Tonight. “I requested a song that I was going to dance to last week, had I have been on the show, which has really special meaning now, so I am hoping that I get that opportunity. We will be rehearsing in November, closer to the finale.”

Kim and Tony‘s reunion may be just a little awkward considering Tony’s recent comments about the out-of-shape stars (before photoshop does its magic) who want to take on Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing with the Stars isn’t something you just blink at,” Tony told OK! “Let Kim‘s stroke be a warning. You need to prepare yourself. So, for future celebrity contestants out there, get on a treadmill, start working out before you come here, and get checked out by a good doctor, especially if you aren’t used to that sort of physical activity.”

Well, Kim did make an urgent visit to a plastic surgeon for emergency Botox in Los Angeles. That totally counts as being checked out by a doctor, right? In her defense, Kim also works out her photoshop finger and carries around her wigs ‘n cigs every day.

Tony took to Instagram to defend himself once his comments resulted in “Tony Throws Shade At Kim” headlines. “@OKMagazine, I am only responding to this out of respect for my courageous partner,” he insisted. “By no stretch of the imagination were my quotes – taken out of context – a reflection of Kim. Family and health first. It’s a hard show to do, even for us professionals. #Gossip”


Photo Credit: Ray Tamarra/GC Images/Getty Images