Kristen Taekman - RHONY 100th Episode

Kristen Taekman and Brandi Glanville attempt a little damage control today, two weeks after Brandi spilled a little of Kristen’s Real Housewives of New York tea. 

As we reported earlier this week, Brandi shared on her October 6th podcast that during filming of this past season of The Real Housewives of New York City, Kristen witnessed one of her co-stars often having “V.C.R.” = visual coke residue and Brandi says she told Kristen she should’ve called it out on the show. 

For a refresher on the convo:  Brandi spilled with her podcast guests from The Peoples Couch, “I have some inside scoop from Kristen [Taekman] on a few things. I won’t say who, but one of the cast members has V.C.R. at all times. Visual Coke Residue.”  Brandi then recalls telling Kristen she should’ve played truth cannon for the sake of the show.  Brandi said, “I’m like ‘why don’t you say that on the fucking show!?’”  One of the Peoples Couch stars asks why we don’t see the residue on camera and Brandi says because there are “18 filters on us” to cover zits, etc.  She then says that she told Kristen “you’re saying this to me on the phone, say it on the fucking show!”  You can listen to the conversation here

Earlier this afternoon Kristen caught wind of the spilled tea (she’s obviously not listening to her BFF’s podcast if she missed this little tidbit from over two weeks ago) and she took to Twitter to blast it. Kristen Tweeted, “There is no truth to this ridiculous gossip about my #rhony castmates!!! Stop w this stupid Drama!!! @Bravotv.”  Most of Kristen’s followers (including us) reminded her that this wasn’t random “gossip” – it came from Brandi’s mouth on her public podcast.

Brandi then took to her own Twitter tonight to share that she’s not naming names, but wanted to clear up that the person Kristen spoke to her about wasn’t Luann de Lesseps. Even though it seemed that Kristen was possibly denying the whole coke thing completely, not just the “who.”  Brandi Tweeted, “I repeated something that @KristenTaekman &I talked about but I will NEVER say who we talked of! What I will say is, it WASN’T @CountessLuann.” 

It still leaves that lingering suspicion with fans, wondering which of the Real Housewives of New York star is the one with the dirty nose.  Which really kills that “best season ever” high some of us were on. 

kyle richards mauricio umansky

In other Brandi/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news:  Ever since she confirmed that she was off the show, it has been a constant game in the media with speculation of whether she’s filming and how much and what amount she’ll be paid and on and on and on.  Last week it was said that she refused to come back for the paltry $15,000 Bravo was offering her, but then this week it was “confirmed” that she was filming a little bit. 

TMZ caught up with Mauricio Umansky who called B.S. on the rumors that she was “back” on RHOBH in any capacity, but he seemed a little bit unsure even as he was calling bullshit.  Take a look at the video and tell us if you think he seemed 100% convinced. 

I guess we’re going to have to just wait for the new season and see for ourselves! 


Photo Credit: DJDM/ and Bravo

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