Glen Rice Jr. Causes Major Drama At Real Housewives Of Atlanta Filming; Cops Were Called!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8

Real Housewives Of Atlanta is promising a lot of changes this season – starting with adding several new castmates. One potential ‘friend’ of the cast was said to be Tammy McCall Browning, who attended several events with the ladies until she invited one Glen Rice Jr. to tagalong. 

In September, Tammy, an ex-basketball wife herself, was in Miami with the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, where they filmed at a party. Tammy wanted to make a good impression, and thinking it would improve her chances of landing a coveted Housewives spot if she demonstrated her celebrity connects, she invited Glen to attend the party. 

Big mistake. As in 6′ 6″ NBA player big mistake. 


As is usually the case with Real Housewives Of Atlanta, things didn’t go as planned! From the beginning 24-year-old Glen just didn’t mesh with the women – and once he started drinking things went from bad to worse! A source reports that several of the cast members complained to producers that Glen was “getting aggressive” and making them “uncomfortable.”  

Realizing she was sabotaging her chances on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Tammy told Glen to leave the party, but he refused! “He lost it,” a source informs TMZ.  

Tammy Mccall Browning

After being told to scram, an enraged Glen confronted one of the Housewives – no information on who – seemingly blaming her for his ejection. Tammy attempted to de-escalate Glen, by getting in between him and the unidentified Housewife, but things were so out of control Glen knocked Tammy to the ground in the process! 

As a result Tammy “smacked her head pretty hard and began to cry.” She was eventually taken to the hospital. She didn’t sustain a concussion, or any other injuries. 


Following her sojourn to the hospital, Tammy WITH GLEN(!!) returned to the party, but the other women refused to allow Glen to come back in. This triggered another incident, resulting in a huge argument and the cops were called. 

Upon the police’s arrival, Glen, along with everyone else, calmed down. In the end no one was arrested.

An insider reports that the entire incident was filmed and the footage of Tammy in pain is currently being used in the trailer. However, as a result of Glen’s drama, he was banned from subsequent Real Housewives Of Atlanta events and Tammy’s chances of being on the show were blown. Although Tammy did film several scenes with the women throughout the summer, so it’s unclear how much we’ll see her this season. 

This wasn’t the only physical altercation during season 8 – reportedly Cynthia kicked Porsha in the stomach during a heated argument!

Approximately one month after this, Glen was shot in the leg during an altercation at T.I.’s restaurant. So this guy may just have an anger management problem? Perhaps? 

Another interesting tidbit: Glen’s father, Glen Rice Sr., was once married to Cristy Rice, who starred in the first season of Real Housewives Of Miami. Glen never appeared on the show – he and Cristy were already divorced – but when they were merely separated, Glen was arrested for assaulting the creator of Zumba after he found him hiding in Cristy’s closet one fine evening. OH, and Cristy isn’t Glen Jr’s mother! It’s A Small World Bravo-style. 


[Photo Credits: Mark Hill/Bravo & Instagram]