The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8

Kim Fields is the new addition to Real Housewives Of Atlanta. And from the beginning she’s seemed an unconventional choice. During filming she has been keeping a low profile – rumors even circulated that Bravo was worried the former child star was too hesitant to kick up drama. Hence the decision to re-insert such players like Sheree Whitfield into the mix.

But perhaps a low-key, intellectual, family-centered Housewife is just what this show needs to steer it away from overblown drama brought by girls looking to restart sagging careers. “Maybe I’m bringing something different to this party,” Kim suggests. 

“I went into this with no real expectations or judgements,” insists Kim. “I promise you, every one of my reactions is real.” 


With a long career and many loyal fans, Kim joined Real Housewives Of Atlanta with trepidations. And those trepidations seemed to include some conditions. One condition being to showcase ‘The Real Kim’. Which means she wasn’t going to play the part of foolhardy drama starter!

“One of my criteria is that I would be given the opportunity to show a strong family unit. When they came to me to do the show, they said, ‘We love you. We love your light and we love your opinions and you can give them in your way,'” describes Kim. “So far they have been great in letting me be me.” Let’s see how editing plays out… 

“I love that I get to be me and not play a character,” adds Kim

Initially Kim was surprised by how open and candid the women were, especially how much they were willing to share. It took her time to realized, “this is their world.” For Kim, the actress, she acknowledges the the learning curve. “This is what made them famous. Their honesty and transparency is what their audience expects and what makes The Real Housewives of Atlanta a successful show.” 

Known from TV legends Living Single and Facts Of Life, Kim took a break from acting to focus on family, but also to move into behind-the-camera roles. She initially relocated to from California to Atlanta to direct Tyler Perry‘s film Meet The Browns. Kim went on to direct House Of Payne, which incidentally starred Demetria McKinney! Is Tyler Perry like the unofficial producer/casting director now? Kim ended up staying down south.”It was a time when I was thinking about leaving California anyway so it was a great fit,” she tells The Huffington Post

For Kim being a hands-on mom to her sons, Sebastian, 8, and Quincy, 2, trumps celebrity. “There is no nanny,” she assures. “If my work causes me to be gone more than 2 days, the kids come with me.” They attended the RHOA cast trip?! Say it ain’t so, Kim! (I kid, obviously – I hope?).

Her new position as Housewife has helped Kim embrace aspects of herself that were ignored as she focused on family. 

“Going out with ladies and having ladies night out has been very healthy for me,” Kim explains. “Hanging with the ladies helps me see that ‘me time’ doesn’t mean I’m a bad mom or wife. If fact, it recharges my battery to be a better mom and wife.” OK seriously what ladies is she hanging out with? Kim’s positivity is either scaring me or making me super excited for what’s to come! 

“Overall, its been an quite the adventure. Let me just say, it’s been ‘different‘”. But at this stage of my life I welcome – ‘different,'” admits Kim


Of course “different” doesn’t necessarily mean good! During the recent cast trip “things got out of hand and I bounced,” Kim reveals. “A cast member said, you have to stay, we are all in this together and I said, ‘I just met you, I don’t owe you that!'”

Kim definitely didn’t join Housewives to cause drama and had no preconceived agendas throughout taping. “I don’t have time to prepare for pettiness. I don’t have the brain space to worry about, or strategize what I’m going to say in an upcoming conversation.” 

“Also, I don’t take for granted the love and respect the public has for me,” Kim expresses. “I was humbled by how many fans were protective of me. Not the brand, but of me.” 

So, ultimately how did Kim mesh with the ladies? Cautiously, it seems. “Throughout the process, I’ve gleaned a little something from each lady. A pinch of each of them is in me.” 

“It’s way too early to know how my relationships will pan out,” Kim maintains, keeping her distance from drama. For now.  

Kim reports that Kenya Moore is “very girly, ultra feminine – in terms of her exterior. She is the wild card.” On Kandi Burruss, Kim describes her as “straight forward – all the time. I’m a bit more diplomatic – sometimes to a fault.”

Kim is “closest” to Phaedra Parks. “We have certain things in common at our core – our faith. We both also have 2 young boys to love and raise. Our kids have played together.” And she also bonded with Cynthia Bailey (over “the ‘married thing’ although she is working through some challenges.”) and Porsha Williams. “I find Porsha to be hilarious. She is in post-divorce mode and it seems to be a liberating place for her. Some may call it ‘wilin’ out’. I’ve been where she is.” 

So what can we expect from Kim this season? “I can’t and won’t shake my home training and dignity,” she promises. “‘Class’ is in. As the younger generation would say, ‘Class in on fleek‘. My faith causes me to hold myself to a higher standard. It takes a lot for me to reach my tipping point.” 

“Still, I’m not perfect and I can get aggravated,” Kim warns. “I’m not an emotional person, but there have been touch points during the taping that have caused me to be uncharacteristically emotional. When you bring me your toxins, a detoxing has to happen!” 

It seems like Kim has taken a very ‘method’ approach to reality TV. It will be interesting to see how that translates to the raw drama often found on Real Housewives Of Atlanta.  

“It has been an eye-opening experience to say the least,” acknowledges Kim. “I am very excited about this next chapter of my life and career and I hope that my fans and friends come with me on this journey.” 

Hmmm… I think Kim is gonna be a sleeper trouble-maker. What do you think? 


[Photo Credit: Mark Hill/Bravo]

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