Scariest Real Housewives Medical Emergencies

Vicki Gunvalson RHOC Season 12 Dune Buggy Accident

The ladies on the Real Housewives series are messy. They can go from bickering to besties in minutes as they attempt to lay out their lives on national television. Sometimes though, their real life storylines have involved unexpected health issues. These incidences helped to put the “real” into reality television, as each of these Real Housewives medical emergencies were scary af.

Tammy McCall Browning’s RHOA Season 8 Knockout


When the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast took a trip to Miami in Season 8, they brought some men along for the ride. Pretty quickly, trouble started brewing in paradise, stemming from Tammy McCall Browning‘s nephew, Glen. It all started after Glenn tried to approach Kandi Burruss and Kim Fields, who weren’t drinking that night, and who also weren’t interested in conversing with this guy. When Glenn got snarky with them in return, they gave zero f’s.

But then, Glen met his match in Kenya Moore, who basically said I am not the one. When Kenya confronted Tammy about her nephew’s “aggressive” behaviors, she told her very drunken co-star that “We’d really just like for him to leave.” Meanwhile, a hot tub sitting Glen told his friend “None of them hos can tell me any f*cking thing.” When Kenya then asked Glen to leave, he called her a “little b*tch” and began aggressively moving towards her.

However, Tammy stood in his way, so Glenn shoved her down, which knocked his Aunt out. Finally, security ran in and Tammy went to the hospital. Luckily, Tammy’s outcome didn’t involve a concussion, as it was “just bruises.” Overall, this medical emergency sucked to watch.

Kenya Moore’s Labored Breathing in RHOA Season 15


In Season 15, Kenya herself sought medical attention, after her seemingly never-ending row with Marlo Hampton. At the ending of one episode, we heard Kenya threatening to call the cops on Marlo, who was banging on her door during a cast trip to Alabama. Then, the next day, Kenya awoke to chest pains, numbness in her right arm, and labored breathing. After calling 911, Kenya was wheeled out of the hotel on a stretcher, which Shereé Whitfield witnessed.

At this point, all of the ladies’ beefs were dropped, as they came together to pray for Kenya. Thankfully, Kenya was discharged rather quickly, with a flu diagnosis in tow. This medical emergency on RHOA reminded the entire cast what was important, and what was not important, which was nice to see.

Tamra Judge & Vicki Gunvalson’s RHOC Season 11 Accident


A frightening accident took place on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11. Here, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge flipped their ATV while filming at the Imperial Sand Dunes in Glamis, California. Emergency assistance quickly arrived with stretchers, an extraction helicopter, and neck braces all at the ready. Thankfully, this medical emergency saw both women making a complete recovery.

Vicki Gunvalson’s RHOC Season 12 Heart Problems


Somebody get Vicki a casserole, because we have yet another medical emergency on RHOC that involves her presence. During a trip to Iceland in Season 12, Vicki got a wheelchair ride out of her hotel room, with a sheet draped over her head, after experiencing wooziness and concerning issues with her heart. As Vicki soon learned, mixing Xanax with Adderall is a bad idea. Thankfully, this ended up being yet another medical emergency with a happy ending.

Sonja Morgan’s RHONY Season 11 Drunken Night in Miami

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Sonja Morgan drank herself into a health scare on Real Housewives of New York Season 11. While vacationing in Miami, the ladies’ first night held a disastrous dinner, where Sonja rapidly went from sober to berserk in a matter of minutes. This is where Bethenny Frankel‘s iconic line of “go to sleep!” hailed from. Instead, Sonja continued to stumble around, and she eventually fell to the floor, hitting her head on the table on her way down.

An ambulance arrived after Sonja could not remember anything, including who President Trump was. Therefore, the cast feared that a concussion was likely. The paramedics came and checked Sonja out after her medical scare, and luckily, they found her to be alright.

Crystal Kung Minkoff’s RHOBH Season 13 Stroke-Like Sickness


Crystal Kung Minkoff‘s beef with Annemarie Wiley came to a standstill on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13. While on a cast trip to Barcelona, Spain, Crystal began feeling “dizzy” after an intense bout of motion sickness. Then, nausea set in, coupled with enlarged, popping veins. At this point, Annemarie coached Crystal to “squeeze my fingers,” and Crystal started to grow afraid, worried that she was exhibiting “stroke symptoms.”

The cast rallied around Crystal. Dorit Kemsley even told the cameras that she was concerned “something was truly wrong with her,” as her skin was “gray,” and she was sweating profusely. Medical professionals were called, while Crystal laid down in the sprinter van, trying to recover. Once help arrived, Crystal’s blood pressure was taken and found to be high, and she was transported to the hospital.

Later on, Crystal explained that “My family history has a history of high blood pressure [and] hypertension and it’s something that I know that I’ve struggled with, but I didn’t realize it could get to this point.” This medical emergency was scary, but there was good to be found, as in this, Crystal learned a valuable lesson.

Guerdy Abraira’s Ambulance Ride in RHOM Season 6

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Guerdy Abraira began feeling nauseous on a trip to Mexico City with her Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 costars. This lovely woman has inspired us all on RHOM, so when Guerdy began feeling ill on a gondola ride from hell, we worried. As she began throwing-up in a bucket, her symptoms increased, and when placed into an ambulance, she began slipping in and out of consciousness. Once an IV was inserted, Guerdy began to improve.

After chalking this scary medical emergency up to traveling, high altitude, and dehydration, Guerdy rejoined her cast after a brief hospital stay, and we sighed, relieved.