Dancing With The Stars Finale – Photos; Kim Zolciak Gets Emotional And Begs To Come Back For All Stars

Dancing with the Stars finale

Weeping on social media, check. Talking to the press, check. Throwing yourself in front of the camera when the winner was announced, check. Actually winning Dancing with the Stars season 21, yeah, no. Obviously, Kim Zolciak was not eligible to win, as she was forced to withdraw from the competition in week 3, but that didn’t stop her from carrying on like it was national Kim Zolciak returns to Dancing with the Stars day.

In reality, Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough took home the mirror ball trophy last night, but Kim did finally get to perform the I Dream Of Jeannie inspired Samba she was schedule to do the week she withdrew. “It was very emotional,” shared Kim. “I had a stroke when I left. I had heart surgery three weeks ago. So, to be back here doing my dance, it goes way beyond the show and the experience. I am so thankful to be here.” See the weepy video Kim posted on Instagram after her 30 seconds of Samba below.


Kim captioned the above video, “Thank you GOD!!!!!”

About her physical health, Kim told FOX411, “I feel pretty good. I definitely feel a little different. You gotta take it easy, you gotta listen to yourself, which I’m not used to doing. When you are a mom of six, you just go, go, go, go, go, go. I’ve definitely been trying to pay attention to what I feel.”

Kim gushed, “I know what this show takes and requires and I think people tend to – I don’t want to say invalidate it, they don’t understand it. The commitment is real. I think when people start the show like I did, you don’t realize how much you’re going to love it, really. So you give it all you have and it takes away from everything. You eat, breathe, and sleep Dancing with the Stars because you love it that much. The production, the producers, the casting directors – everyone is amazing.” See photos from the Dancing with the Stars finale below.

Kim did not take being forced off the show sitting down – figuratively speaking, of course, because we all know she was literally sitting, with a red SOLO cup in one hand and an iPhone in the other hand. Because Kim is the most special snowflake to ever grace the dance floor, she has asked The Powers That Be to “create” an all-stars edition just for her.

“I always tell Deena Katz, who’s the casting director, ‘Please create an All-Stars edition just for me because it’s so unfortunate I left after such a short time.’ I would love to do it again, honestly,” said Kim. “It was so much more emotional for me because I’d been asked I don’t even know how many years and I was like, ‘No, no, I’m having a baby [or] I just had a baby, blah, blah, blah.’ Then, finally, I’m like, ‘I am gonna do it.’ What are the odds of me finally agreeing to do it and then I have a stroke and find out I was born with a heart defect? Crazy!”

So, Kim, who is an eating, sleeping, breathing Dancing with the Stars super fan, doesn’t know Dancing with the Stars All Stars has already been created. Somewhere, Season 15 All Stars champion Melissa Rycroft is thinking, Bitch, please. Been there. Done that. Won that. With Tony.



Main Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor