Real Housewives of New York at Malan Breton fashion collection unveiling at Madame Paulette Featuring: Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 09 Dec 2015 Credit: Rob Rich/

Those Real Housewives of New York broads – you can’t take them anywhere! Especially not that Ramona Singer

Ramona almost didn’t make it back onto Real Housewives of New York, but she is making up for the lost camera time in a big way. Ah, the pinot strikes again! At a recent holiday gathering Ramona, who has made no secret of her dislike for Dorinda Medley‘s boyfriend, got into a heated argument with John Mahdessian when he tried to be a gentleman!


The entire cast was attending a holiday party at Midtown’s Sushi Roxx where presumably the pinot and the Tipsy Girl was flowing! “Everyone was having a great time, especially Ramona and Sonja [Morgan],” dishes a source. Trouble started when the group – plus RHONY cameras! – decided to take the afterparty someplace a little more upscaleJohn’s dry cleaning business, Madame Paulette!

Things got heated when the so-called intimate gathering hosted by John and Dorinda was “crashed” (allegedly) by some uninvited guests. A “6-foot-5 drunk” got into an argument with Ramona and which resulted in both of them eventually being thrown out! 

“He was some big drunk guy who claimed he’d dated Luann [De Lesseps] in the past. I didn’t even realize he was there at first,” John explains. “LuAnn had to leave because he was creating issues with her. Then he was having an issue with Ramona and Sonja, so I asked him to leave.”

However – one person wasn’t happy to see him go! That person goes by the name of Pinot. John thought he was doing the girls a favor, but Ramona complained that John was “messing up ‘her scene'” by banning Sonja’s future hookup the rando-drunk! “She wanted the guy to stay BECAUSE he was creating a s–t show,” quips John. “Ramona kept encouraging this guy, fueling the fire.” 

John admits that now he isn’t so sure if Ramona knew the guy previously or not! 

After the drunk was kicked out, Ramona “flipped out” on John, reports a party-goer. And the witness insists Ramona’s anger was real! Ramona was heard yelling to John, “How dare you interfere with my show!”“It was a horrible scene,” the witness adds. “Ramona was screaming and going nuts — John put his hands in her face and yelled for her to stop.” John finally gave Ramona the boot too. But she was only to glad to go! 

“She was standing (outside) on the corner cackling about ruining the party,” the insider told the NY Daily News

John had a different opinion on what went down. John blames Ramona’s uncouth behavior on her being “miserable and alone,” reveals the source. “He said he thinks ‘she’s an angry, bitter bitch.’ ” Well, yeah, I mean definitely the bitch part is accurate! 

More photos from the party are below!


Photo Credit: Rob Rich/