Lisa Vanderpump talks new season of Vanderpump rules

Lisa Vanderpump is passionate about dogs, just not crazy about…Kyle Richards’ deeply dysfunctional family. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opens up this week about how she tried to be a good friend to Kyle on their trip to Italy, why she chose Lisa Rinna as her fellow Pony Whisperer, and how she does have sympathy for Yolanda Foster’s battle with chronic who the frig knows what? Lyme.  

Lisa starts with words of compassion for Eileen Davidson and her family over their loss of Dick Van Patten: “It was a poignant, sad moment that tugged at my heart as you realize how great the family’s loss was. Life is all about saying goodbye, and I felt for them.” 


Lisa was more than happy to join Kyle and Mauricio Umansky in Italy for some much-needed R & R though! She shares, “Joining Kyle and her family in Tuscany was an invitation we couldn’t refuse.” Although Ken Todd took the opportunity to Kriticize the Kaftan, Lisa jokes, “Ken always gently chastises me about a love of a muumuu and questions what’s underneath. But I, like Kyle, love the freedom of floating around in them and ignore his banter, however irritating his teasing may be.”

“It was all a bit of a fiasco regarding arrangements pertaining to the wedding,” blogs Lisa. “Kyle was quite rightly upset as she was uninvited to the celebration, so no dress needed. We also altered our plans, too, and decided we would go to Monte Carlo, not London, instead after Tuscany.” 

Lisa argues that “It seems unfathomable that as close as Kyle is to her niece that she wouldn’t be present on the most important day of her life. We discussed that amid the contentious argument last year at the reunion. I gently reminded her that our lives are punctuated by momentous events, where intricate emotional dynamics should be laid to rest and the focus should be on the event at hand.”

But Lisa admits, “It is never a simple task to immerse yourself in the complexities of a sibling relationship, and I probably should’ve refrained from asking, but I was involved already and hoped for a successful outcome where all parties were included. We had a fun trip as I lamented over our decision to leave Europe all those years ago.”

As for her feelings on Yolanda’s health, Lisa takes the high road in her blog, noting, “I watched with sympathy as we view Yolanda having her teeth reconstructed (eliminating amalgam and metal, which she felt may be toxic to her system), which was another quest in her search for her health. As we follow her journey, she leaves no stone unturned, an arduous task which becomes even more complex as she undergoes several treatments.”

Lisa also shares words of sympathy for Yolanda regarding her divorce: “Sadly we heard the news of the demise of Yolanda and David’s marriage, which has saddened us all. Life is unpredictable and at times extremely challenging, but that is often when we discover our inner strength.” 

Speaking of unpredictable, Lisa V is looking forward to her Pony-Snatchin’ trip with Lisa R! She chose Lisa R as an accomplice because, Lisa V explains, she is someone “who I know will indulge me, someone who would giggle as I reveal that have a plan for Ken’s birthday, a ridiculously cute gift which I needed a cohort to accompany me, a partner in crime to execute my madness. All will come to fruition later.”

Well, at this point I’d watch a miniature pony prance around in a circle for a full hour rather than tour one more medicine cabinet, talk about another symptom of Lyme Disease, or review the inner workings of tooth reconstruction. Bring on the cheesy pony trip! (Is this really how far we’ve fallen, RHOBH!?)


Photo Credit: Bravo 

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