Jax Taylor restaurant NOW Ventura

In where’d that come from?!? news, Jax Taylor has opened his own restaurant.

In how stupid can he be?!? news, the Vanderpump Rules star admitted he did NOT ask restaurateur extraordinaire Lisa Vanderpump for advice before he invested in and opened up a restaurant. But – NO WORRIES – he knows what not to do from being a ridiculously crappy employee for so many years and he plans to steal Peter Madrigal, who is a good employee, from SUR. Why do I get the feeling that Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz wrote Jax’s business plan?


NOW Ventura

Jax invested in NOW Ventura with two friends/former co-workers.

“It is an Italian restaurant/lounge,” Jax told The Daily Dish. “It kind of resembles PUMP, but it’s got some TVs, so it’s a sports bar as well. That’s going to take up a lot of my time. That’s a really big deal. It’s my first thing I’ve ever owned.”

Jax admitted that he did NOT ask Lisa for advice, adding, “I learned everything I could from Lisa, Ken, and Guillermo, and I kind of went to the war room with my buddy, who also worked at PUMP [as] a manager, so we kind of just put our money together and opened a restaurant.”

What does Jax bring to the table? “I’ve learned what not to do. I’ve been such a, probably, sh-tty employee that now I know what to look for in employees. But it’s something that I own, so I’m going to take pride in it. I take pride in working at SUR and working at PUMP, but this is something that is mine and I am really excited about it. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

Jax has big plans for NOW. First, to steal Peter from Lisa, “He’s just got great work ethic. He’s very strong. He’s a good employee, good guy. Everyone loves Peter.” Second, to expand, “The whole idea is were going to open like five of them. So it’ll be like NOW Ventura, NOW Santa Monica, NOW West Hollywood.” 

I wish Jax nothing but the best… and lots and lots and lots of luck. 😉


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo and Instagram

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