Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster has moved out of David Foster‘s love nest, errrr, condo and into her own place. She took to Instagram to mark the occasion (naturally) with hashtags and put aside unpacking to watch and blog about last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Yolanda labeled the episode as “interesting” and shared that her experience with chronic Lyme disease has taught her that “a lack of education is the root of so many issues” in the world today. Yolanda went on to say that the “ignorance” displayed on the show last night just makes her want to “fight harder and speak louder.” Um, thanks a lot, Taylor Armstrong.


Elaborating on her “lack of education” comment, Yolanda added, “What I saw on the show tonight was just that: IGNORANCE. Maybe it should anger me, but instead it makes me want to fight harder and speak louder for those whose voices can’t be heard. Those of you who have experienced chronic illness, you know what I’m talking about. What defines suffering?”

“You will never hear someone who’s walked in my shoes speak the way Taylor spoke on tonight’s episode,” said Yolanda. “I hope she never has to experience the journey she questions me for sharing.”

Yolanda insisted she is not suffering from depression, as Kyle Richards has suggested, “Neuroborreliosis has severely compromised my brain function, and even though, at times, I feel down because of my inability to participate in life, depression is not my battle!”

“Happy selfie, sick selfie… that is exactly right,” declared Yolanda. ” Every day is different, and I will not use my social media to convey anything but my truth. Bad days do exist in Beverly Hills, even though no one seems to dare share.”

Yolanda admitted she has wondered “why Lyme? why not a diagnosis with textbook answers and a cure?” and said she will not apologize for “having an illness that is difficult for others to comprehend.” Reminding us that both Bella and Anwar suffer from Lyme as well, she added, “I have watched my own two children suffer in silence from this debilitating disease, so I have learned not to pass judgment but rather accept what I don’t understand with compassion.”

“Time to get back to my boxes,” concluded Yolanda. “I know it’s going to be a slow process, but I can’t wait to make this new space feel like a happy home. In the meantime I continue to stay focused on my children. Having made great strides in the past six months, I remain hopeful and determined for a healthy future with love, light, and gratitude in my heart, because I am beyond blessed.”



Photo Credit: Yolanda’s Instagram

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