Lisa Rinna And Yolanda Foster On Watch What Happens Live; Is Lyme Disease To Blame For Yolanda And David’s Divorce?

Lisa Rinna on WWHL

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Rinna was the invited guest, along with Joan Collins, but Yolanda Foster called in and stole the show.

When asked about Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump‘s comments about Yolanda‘s lack of makeup at her party, Lisa said, “I was surprised by that because I thought Yolanda looked beautiful – and looks beautiful, so beautiful, without makeup. That was a surprising moment because she is gorgeous.”

A viewer said Ken Todd has been “a little bit of a douchebag” this season and asked Lisa what she thinks about it. She laughed, “I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole,” adding, “I love Ken.” Do you agree with the caller about Ken?


A caller asks Lisa which RHOBH co-star she enjoys working with the most. She says, “Dangerous question. I like everybody. I have fun with everybody. I have a hoot of a time with Lisa, I love working with Kyle, and I love Eileen.”

Yolanda Foster calls WWHL

That’s it for Lisa. As I mentioned, Yolanda called in, because heaven forbid someone talk about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and not mention her, her Lyme disease, or her divorce. #SorryNotSorry #GonnaBeALongSeason

About her split from David, Yolanda said, “We have a beautiful love story that I will treasure forever. Unfortunately it was not strong enough to withstand certain circumstances that came our way. That’s really the story. It’s simple.”

Was Yolanda‘s chronic Lyme disease a factor? “A chronic long-term illness is extremely challenging – not only for the person sick but also for the caregiver. It for sure changed the dynamic of our relationship,” she admitted. “The truth is that we both worked through this difficult time to the best of our ability, so rather than judge what went wrong, I choose to honor the great times we have shared the past nine years. There were a lot of good times.”

Andy asked Yolanda how she feels now. “I’m much better, thank you, since the last time I saw you,” she shared. “I have about 60% better brain function than I had in the past year, but I can still only live and plan my life one day at a time. The exciting thing, watching the episode, it really inspired me because I could actually see the great progress I have made the past 6 months. I’m excited and grateful for that. I will continue to fight for a full recovery.”

About comments made regarding her lack of makeup at Lisa‘s party, Yolanda bemoaned, “It was shocking. It was shocking to me because I was just so proud of myself for getting out of bed and actually making it to Lisa’s birthday. Makeup is the last thing on my list right now. It’s not something I even think about, and I haven’t touched makeup for a year.” #SideEye #VSFashionShow

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