Bella Hadid Opens Up About Her Battle With Chronic Lyme Disease; Yolanda Foster Prepares Baggies Of Pills For Bella

Bella Hadid talks Lyme disease

Bella Hadid recently opened up about her battle against chronic Lyme disease for the first time since mommie dearest, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, outed Bella and her brother, Anwar Hadid, as sufferers. Bella, Anwar, and Yolanda were all diagnosed in 2012, and according to Bella, they believe they were infected “during contact with their horses.”

Horses were a huge part of Bella‘s life until recently; so much so, she hoped to compete in equestrian events at the 2016 Olympics. “That was my goal,” she shared, “but I didn’t know I was going to get sick. I was exhausted all the time. It affected my memory, so I suddenly would not remember how to drive to Santa Monica from Malibu, where I lived. I couldn’t ride. I was just too sick. I had to sell my horse because I couldn’t take care of it.” 🙁 I feel sad for Bella.


Yolanda Foster

Bella continued, “I stopped driving because I kept crashing, because my brain just stopped working.” Recalling her DUI, she said, “It was when I first got sick. It was a dark time.”

Too ill to train for the Olympics, Bella turned to modeling, “If I had the chance to succeed in riding, I might not have modeled.”

Bella shared, “This was my first full season. I was so exhausted. I only did 13 shows – just request casting. The show girls do, like, 12 shows a day. I only did one or two shows a day and I was like, ‘I need to go to sleep.’ I thought, ‘Maybe I’m just a p-ssy.'”

Note: this interview was done in person, with Stephanie Rafanelli from Evening Standard, over lunch and Stephanie noted that Bella ordered hard-boiled eggs for lunch. Then, towards the end of their chat, Stephanie shared:

“Her mother was left, she says, unable to read, write, or watch television. ‘Anything loud was too much. We used to listen to music in the car together and sing. She hasn’t listened to music or watched a movie in four years.’ Yolanda is being treated with long-term intravenous antibiotics, but Bella, intolerant to the drugs, is now trying a course of alternative treatment. When she finishes her boiled eggs, she pulls out three plastic bags of around 30 pills – ‘my mother makes these little baggies for me’ – and dutifully swallows them one by one with green tea. Bella is also on a three-week detox to cleanse her system.”

Where to begin?

First, Yolanda hasn’t listened to music in four years?!? Yeah, NO. We’ve seen her listen to David play (Shh! David’s playing!!) on RHOBH, not to mention the Grammy-snubbed “finger banging” collaboration between Brandi and Babyface, and we’ve seen her at concerts on RHOBH and on Instagram.

Second, Bella ate boiled eggs and 30 pills for lunch?!? The hell? And knowing that Yolanda prepares baggies of pills – you know there are breakfast baggies and dinner baggies as well – for Bella doesn’t sit well.

Bella shared, “I still have Lyme in my spine; my back has been in excruciating pain for three years. I have it in all my joints and it goes up to my brain so sometimes I have trouble with putting together sentences. I go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 10 am fully exhausted.” Still, she said she feels about 60% well, which is the exact % Yolanda said about her own health on Watch What Happens Live last night.


Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images and Chance Yeh/WireImage