Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes Christmas 2015

Eddie Cibrian Says Brandi Glanville Sends “Hundreds Of Crazy Emails”‘; Brandi Says Eddie Is Using Her For Publicity!

Are Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian bored or something? Desperate for publicity? Guess so! In round 65 zillion of their never-ending divorce, they are now feuding about whether or not Brandi asked LeAnn Rimes to stop posting photos with Brandi’s sons during holidays. 

A brief recap: Brandi appeared on Nik Richie‘s podcast, where she expressed frustration that LeAnn ignored her pleas to quit posting photos of the boys around the holidays because it’s too upsetting for Brandi. Eddie retaliated with a statement that Brandi NEVER asked LeAnn to stop, thus calling the former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star a liar. Brandi responded by releasing the very email she sent Eddie requesting that LeAnn quit posting the photos. 

Eddie has since blamed Brandi for sending him so many “crazy emails every month,” he’s forced to ignore them; therefore it’s not his fault he overlooked her plea about LeAnn


Brandi sends me hundreds of crazy emails every month, the lie here is that Brandi never once talked to LeAnn regarding posting pictures of our kids during the holidays,” Eddie tells RumorFix

LeAnn has never spoke to Brandi. She is just using LeAnn’s name to get press for herself. What I said in People is true,” Eddie continued. “These stories are getting out of control. She has never spoken with LeAnn.”

Naturally Brandi has more to say regarding Eddie’s latest accusation, so Brandi released a statement explaining her perspective. Here is, in brief, the highlights. (You can read it in entirety here.) 

—“…I will never escape the Eddie and LeAnn questions during interviews, I really tried my best to be kind towards them…” 

— “I say hello to LeAnn when I see her but anything to do with my children I obviously go through their father as he ultimately should be making any decisions that have to do with our children. I do not have LeAnn’s phone number, email or even a home phone number for them.”

— Regarding the HolidayPhotoEmailGate: “I sent a private email in early November to Eddie… . Obviously to say that I have never spoken to LeAnn is yet another fabrication of the known liar as both she, Eddie, and myself have been in therapy together in the past.”

Eddie and LeAnn are the ones using Brandi for press. “They did an ENTIRE failed reality show bashing me, the mother of Eddie’s children, as a story line.

— “I thought and hoped we might get to a better place this year.” 

Eddie needs to practice what he preaches before complaining about his sons reading Brandi’s comments on the internet. “… he should probably think twice before he picks up the phone and calls his publicist which I’m not even sure why he has one, and tabloid magazines to complain about my honesty.”

Brandi goes onto say if Eddie really cared about what their children might read “he wouldn’t have cheated so publicly and without remorse — it’s one of the first things that come up when you Google his name.”

“He is the pot calling the kettle black and I will not be called a liar or take it. I only email and text with Eddie about our children and only when it’s necessary, ” Brandi concludes. “I am going to now focus on my children, my family’s health, and work.”

Until Eddie fires back that is… 

As for LeAnn – she’s relying on her chalkboard to do the smacktalking. ” #ionlytalkinchalk”

Leann Rimes Chalktalking to Brandi Glanville?

You know what, ENOUGH! E-NOUGH! Can they just get gag orders against each other? Or can we just get gag orders against them? Work it out in #Chalktalk, or Twitter DM, or whatever – just stop acting less maturely than the children you all claim you’re working so hard to protect! 


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