Brandi Glanville Bashes Eddie Cibrian And LeAnn Rimes For Talk About Her On Their Reality Show LeAnn & Eddie

Brandi Glanville blog

Last week, Brandi Glanville was too busy with Celebrity Apprentice press to think of some excuses for her childish antics on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so she did not blog. Brandi blogged this week, however, she glossed over throwing wine in Eileen Davidson‘s face and largely ignored her behavior at Yolanda Foster‘s party.

As for this week’s episode, Brandi threw shade at Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes for making her a storyline on LeAnn & Eddie. HAHA! Um, fameho pot, meet drunk kettle. 

“The lunch with Lisa Vanderpump finally happened. Whether the relationship can be repaired, well, you’ll have to tune in and watch, but I’m hopeful,” Brandi shared. “I won’t make excuses for the wine toss. I shouldn’t have done it, but it was a misunderstood moment that has passed. Eileen was sweet to accept my apology, and no, I really wasn’t buzzed, so I can’t “blame it on alcohol” like Jamie Foxx says.” 


Brandi mentioned that maybe she should’ve had some food with her alcohol, uppers, downers cocktail at Yolanda Foster‘s party. Ooopsies, but she adores Babyface and emails Nikki, so all is well. <eye roll> 

Yolanda’s party was great fun. It was so nice to see her really being herself, letting loose and dancing along the fire pit. Yep, I was a bit naughty and should have eaten more. Nikki and Babyface are a super amazing and cool couple, and I’m glad you got to meet them, too. I just adore them, and I’ve seen and hung out with them since, and I recently emailed with Nikki – she is awesome. Yo and David are such a fun and sweet couple. It was a magical night.”

About her co-stars seeing their children off to college, Brandi said, “It made me really proud and sad for them last night, but as long as my kids don’t grow up too fast, then I hope I’ll be just fine. Right? Really, I wish I could do 2nd and 6th grade homework for the rest of my life! But time flies. I wish you could see my boys. They are the biggest most important part of my life. I treasure the time I get to spend with them:the homework, cooking, caring, playing, scolding, school runs, just all of what goes into being a mom.”

Remember that time Brandi said she would never talk about Eddie again? Yes. Me. Too. It seems the only person who doesn’t remember that is Brandi. 

“Then we returned to more pressing matters, a meeting with my lawyer Ron Rale explaining that my ex-husband demanded a huge payment of the money he claims to have overpaid me since our divorce. I was surprised, disgusted, but ultimately angry. I work very hard at several jobs to support and provide for my children, something that my child support didn’t at all cover. At the time you see us discussing litigation and that instead of bowing under again and giving him my retirement fund, I’m ready to litigate and let a judge decide.”

About Eddie & LeAnn, Brandi said, “My ex was, again, necessarily a part of the show last night. As some of you know, my ex-husband and his wife created a VH1 reality show (since canceled) based around their very serious issues with me living happily and their having to cope with their immense fame. My lawyer suggested I view the show to monitor if my children, as rumored, were filmed. This is related to several legal edicts from my ex, forbidding my children be used in any of my own TV work.”

Brandi, who just shaded Eddie and LeAnn for making her a storyline on their show, went on to talk about when she made Eddie, LeAnn, AND their show a storyline on her reality show. Does she not see the irony? 

“I decided to make it fun and invite some of my friends. I watched their initial show and, like most critics, realized it was just a forum to talk about me, reference me, and bash me. I was disgusted that my children’s images were used in the opening titles of a show that was about disrespecting their mother. I wanted to fight it but chose to pick my battles. Money not spent on lawyers is money for my boys’ future.”

Newsflash Brandi: money spent on wine, Botox, and fillers is also money not spent on your boys’ future. Just saying. 


Photo Credit: Bravo