Sheree skips makeup at the Beatless Brunch

After today I do not want to hear the words “beatless brunch” for a month. Or at least a week.  Mmkay?   Sheree Whitfield takes her turn touching on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta – and shares her own thoughts on the beatless brunch.

Sheree didn’t care that Kim Fields asked the ladies to come without their makeup on since she doesn’t wear much anyway – and it saved her some coins!  Winning!  “I don’t think Kim was being shady. I didn’t take issue with the brunch, because I normally do not wear makeup during my day-to-day activities. As a matter of fact, I’ve never really worn makeup prior to being on TV.” 

Sheree adds that she never owned foundation, concealer, etc and was all about this beatless brunch and saving some money.  “Attending the beatless brunch at Kim’s was right up my alley, and I was actually ecstatic that I was able to save the money and not have to pay for my makeup artist that day, LOL! Thanks, doll!”  


Sheree was a little shocked that her co-stars didn’t honor Kim’s theme, though.   “Seeing that we were visiting her home and it was her event, I was a bit surprised that most of the ladies didn’t honor her request. Bottom line, it was bad etiquette on the ladies’ part. I can relate to Kim on the level that we are both moms with active schedules. If I’m not out at an event or public appearance, chances are that I am serving a natural face.”  She added, “I agree with Kim that we should embrace our true beauty and makeup should be used to enhance one’s gorgeousness.” 

We’re finally moving on tonight as the ladies head to Jamaica – along with NeNe LeakesCynthia Bailey makes the decision to cut Kenya Moore out of her eyewear commercial project, Kim Fields shows another side to her personality, and Porsha Williams wants to hunt up some hot men. Oh and there will be drama.  Because, duh.   

We’ll start live-Tweeting the mess at 8pm EST/7 CST!   And please note that for some godforsaken reason the show will run til 9:15, and then RHOP will air from 9:15-10:15 and WWHL is on at 11:15 (with Kenya Moore and Karen Huger as the guests).  The person running the Bravo schedule loves to screw with us just to see if we’re paying attention…


Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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