Little Women: Atlanta Recap

Little Women: Atlanta Reunion Recap: Shade for Days

Little Women: Atlanta Reunion Recap

Reality TV reunions are by nature, just for the sake of rehashing the same drama we watched all season and in some cases, get some new insight into why some things went down the way they did during the show’s season. Oh and to see who stayed friends and who hates each other now.

Little Women: Atlanta is no different. While we did not really get to the bottom of anything, we sure know who hates each other again. We also got treated to a barrage of interesting insults such as “you belong on the animal channel” and “two ash trays for ankles.” At least those are some new ones.


Little Women: Atlanta Recap

Kicking off with host Kevin Frazier, we haven’t even started talking about resident outcast and habitual liar Minnie Ross yet, but she sure looks fired up when the camera pans to her. Her feelings of annoyance play out as we watch a highlight reel of the season’s nastiest moments, many of them featuring her long standing beef with Ms. Juicy. Sitting on opposites sides of the set, both Minnie and Juicy start screaming at each other the second the tape stops. It’s like two boxers entering the ring, one just happens to be wearing a bejeweled tiara. Juicy accuses Minnie of being a liar and Minnie yells something about Ms. Juicy needing to sign up for AARP. LoL.

We are getting nowhere with these two so Kevin switches to Andrea Salinas and her baby daddy drama. Ugh, this was the worst part of the season for me – watching a pregnant Andrea take back her loser boyfriend as he abandoned her (and their child) over and over again was too much for this Recapper to take. Trying to decipher what he was saying half the time was even worse. All the mumbling makes my brain hurt.

Little Women: Atlanta Recap

As Kevin tries to coax out of Andrea how she felt with Chris leaving all the time, she stonewalls him with silence and he’s forced to play the montage of Chris packing his bags, mumbling and leaving. Then Chris comes out to supposedly defend himself for his indefensible actions. No one really knows what Chris is saying and even the parts I did catch didn’t make any real sense but Emily Fernandez tries to jump in anyway and speak logically to Chris about how he would feel if his daughter had a man like him. Cue mumbling and more unintelligible words.

Sister Amanda Salinas and her boyfriend Jordan even try to get in on the action and explain their feelings on the matter but to no avail – Chris is a grade A dead beat dad that won’t change. I don’t even know why everyone is wasting their breath on trying to talk some sense into him! Moving on.

Time to take it down a notch (sort of) and discuss Monie Cashette and how she went from an angry woman sweeping the floors of a salon, to a kill ‘em with kindness voice on a cartoon. Monie admits she isn’t in anger management therapy anymore and Bri Barlup and Emily try and vouch for the fact that when they do see Monie now, she is a calmer person. Something tells me she won’t be after a few more hours at this reunion but whatever.

Little Women: Atlanta Reunion Recap - Emily

Shifting gears to a much deeper topic, Kevin discusses the loss of Emily’s son JJ. All of the women are visibly upset and need tissues and it’s extremely hard to watch Emily break down as she watches a clip of herself talking about her son and what happened.

Emily admits she didn’t leave the house for weeks on end after his death and while she feels just “okay” now, losing a child in the public eye made things even more difficult to process. She says her daughter got her through it and truthfully, I’m thankful Emily is strong enough to even partake in the reunion. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for her to emotionally show up to something and relive some of her saddest moments.

Little Women: Atlanta Recap

On to Minnie’s pregnancy, which I’m kind of annoyed we have to talk about at all. Why? Because suddenly, Minnie went from “thinking” she had a miscarriage while filming the show to being at the reunion and confirming her miscarriage was at 14 weeks of pregnancy. What the actual hell? I said this before and I will say it again, I hate to dive so deep into such a personal topic but Minnie is out there discussing it so I kind of have to go in on it.

Minnie‘s original claim on the show was that she thought she was pregnant but eventually went to the doctor and they told her she wasn’t. Now, even if you haven’t been pregnant before, you probably know this sounds a bit off. But if you have been pregnant before and have passed the 14 week mark, which is the second trimester of pregnancy, you know damn well that there is no “thinking” miscarriage at that point. You would KNOW if you had one. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and I’m a little mad the other ladies either didn’t point this out or it was edited out and landed on the cutting room floor.

But Minnie doesn’t stop with the delusions there – she takes it to another level by stating that Pastor Troy’s response to her miscarriage was that they could “try again.” Ms. Juicy and Monie don’t even attempt to stifle their laughter and I can’t blame them.

Little Women: Atlanta Recap

Amanda and Andrea claim that they believe Minnie was pregnant simply because she said she was pregnant, which they don’t say with much conviction.

Emily asks what Minnie’s HCG levels were after the doctor’s appointment to confirm her miscarriage. Minnie refuses to answer and just starts yelling at Emily, a woman who actually just lost her child. Then she starts crying about how hard it was for people to not believe her. I can’t even.

A viewer question asks why Ms. Juicy threw Minnie a shower if she never believed she was pregnant to begin with. We all know that Ms. Juicy was throwing shade, we don’t even need to ask but either way, we get treated to some unseen footage of Ms. Juicy meeting up with Pastor Troy to get to the bottom of what was going on. Pastor Troy is as dumb as Amanda and Andrea and operates under the assumption that if Minnie said she was pregnant, she was pregnant. He likely doesn’t care about the absence of the story making any sense and why should he?

Little Women: Atlanta Recap

Either way, we all know that much like Minnie can’t keep her stories straight, she also can’t fight her own battles so she brings out her mom to help out. Tammie comes out, sucking her teeth with her cockatoo hair at full mast on the top of her head, ready to fight everyone all over again. Kevin pushes her on why she felt the need to throw the wings on Ms. Juicy and confused her response as something remorseful. Tammie quickly corrects him and lets him know she isn’t sorry for throwing food on Ms. Juicy.

The argument escalates, with Tammie accusing Ms. Juicy of wanting to get with Minnie romantically. Everyone’s head explodes and it’s time to pull the plug on part one of this reunion. Looks like next week gets even more heated with the Drummond Twins and more than just insults being hurled. Hide your chicken wings, ladies!


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