Little Women: Atlanta reunion

Little Women: Atlanta Reunion Recap: Deflated

In case you missed part one of the Little Women: Atlanta last week, we ended with a wild accusation: Tammie, the chicken wing-throwing, overzealous daughter-defending mother of Minnie Ross, claims she thought Ms Juicy had romantic feelings for Minnie because why else would Juicy take such an interest in Minnie’s life?

Forget the fact that Minnie has lied to her friends over and over and over again, obviously sexual attraction could be the only reason, right? I suppose if you live in an alternate universe where you’re the grown mother of a cast member on a reality show and can’t manage to keep out of the drama yourself. But I think even those who don’t care for Juicy can see what a stretch this is.


Little Women: Atlanta reunion

For Ms. Juicy’s part, instead of even defending such a silly claim, she can’t stand the shade and decides to open her Mardi Gras umbrella up while the other women try to reason with Tammie. It doesn’t work – Monie Cashette is told she might have a voice over career now but the first season, she needed subtitles to be understood. Emily Fernandez is told to stay in her lane. Kevin Frazier tries to jump in with the hypocrisy of it all but clearly forgot he’s moderating a reality show reunion and hypocrisy is the best part. Tammie takes no prisoners!

As usual, Minnie sits back and lets her mom do all the dirty work and Tammie stays in on Monie, sniping about her synthetic weaves and welfare fraud. But Monie has what Minnie wants more than anything – an engagement ring and a man that wants to marry her. Minnie’s only retaliation is to say Monie’s fiancé, Morlin, is trying to get with someone else in the group.

It takes five more minutes to sort out something even close to an understanding of what that means and apparently, Minnie heard through someone else that Morlin said he would treat Andrea Salinas better than her deadbeat dad of a boyfriend. That’s it? Am I missing something? No, I am not, that’s all Minnie has on the matter and Andrea will barely back this up.

Little Women: Atlanta reunion

This is the perfect segue into Monie’s wedding journey, if you still care about Monie getting married. Bottom line is that Morlin is in charge of the budget and Monie is going to get married without her stepdad’s approval. I wasn’t really interested in what was going on here until Kevin invites Monie’s step dad out to explain why he does not approve of Morlin. No one is safe on the reunion stage and surprise guests are welcome!

Donald comes out and calmly explains that he isn’t impressed with what Morlin brings to the table. Kevin mentions the whole holler-at-Andrea thing that he just learned (through the resident cast liar, Minnie, mind you) and Donald isn’t happy. He leaves after stating his peace, which is that he doesn’t think Morlin should be getting married, just to be clear.

In case you were wondering about everyone else’s relationship status, Bri Barlup and Wooda are doing well and so are Amanda Salinas and her longtime boyfriend, Jordan. Minnie claims to be talking to some pastor she met while speed dating and Ms. Juicy has a “good friend” named Tim.

Little Women: Atlanta reunion

One relationship that is going nowhere fast is the one between Monie and Minnie. Is anyone surprised? Even though we ended the season with Monie bestowing the co-maid of honor title on Minnie, Monie now says she’s good with Ms. Juicy being the maid of honor all by her lonesome. Minnie can come to the wedding but that’s it.

Minnie claims not to care about any of this but Kevin won’t let it slide and points out that if Minnie didn’t care, why is she coming into the reunion with such anger. EXACTLY. I like Kevin – he’s the only reunion host that doesn’t let anyone off easy. Suddenly, both Minnie and Monie end up crying about the whole thing. Monie goes off on some tangent (to Tammie’s credit, I could use those subtitles right now) about how she’s trying to keep it together and not be crazy but she’s proud of herself for not popping off.

While on the topic of Monie and Minnie’s friendship gone wrong, we look at Minnie’s questioning of Monie’s dwarfism, which shows how messy Minnie is. She didn’t think anyone had the right to question her miscarriage but it’s perfectly okay to question the state of Monie’s genetic makeup? Kevin reads a viewer asking that very same question and Minnie tries to explain that she just wanted Monie to get tested. Nice try, Minnie, but you were pretty nasty about it and even told Monie she shouldn’t be hanging out with the group if she didn’t know what form of dwarfism she had.

Little Women: Atlanta reunion

If there is one thing the women can all agree on, it’s their dislike of The Drummond Twins, who come out wearing matching outfits. It doesn’t take long for things to heat up.

Kevin asks them why they immediately started trouble on the show by bringing up Monie’s welfare fraud. Was it because they were really concerned where their tax dollars were going (now I officially love Kevin). Bri is still mad they ruined her son’s birthday party. When Hope and Charity say they apologized, Emily isn’t having it.

These two aren’t embarrassed by their behavior and with that, Monie’s bracelets come off and she’s charging them! Security is there to stop her (how did she get her heels off so fast?) and I’m not sure why everyone on stage is looking so shocked. Before anything else can go down, the twins are told thanks for coming and ushered off stage.

Little Women: Atlanta reunion

To lighten the mood, we get treated to a preview of Little Women: Dallas. This definitely looks like a lively crew. I’m glad to see Emily and Bri cross over to another show and cast and am looking forward to watching the drama unfold in a whole new city.

Wrapping up, Kevin gives everyone a chance to redeem themselves in the form of pretending they all really like each other. Juicy uses this opportunity to pass out gift bags. It looks like most of the women got candy, but Minnie throws her bag aside and says that she received a deflated black balloon from her baby shower. Can we stop calling it a baby shower? Also, Ms. Juicy really should let it go at this point.

Little Women: Atlanta reunion Minnie throws candle at Juicy

Kevin grabs the gift bag and shows viewers the shriveled up balloon that’s about to make all hell break loose. Ms. Juicy tries to explain her reasoning while Minnie starts taking off all her jewelry. When she’s done, Minnie goes off and throws a candle at Ms. Juicy. Security steps in again and I sure hope Ms. Juicy has security back stage – Tammie is back there! And with that, Season 2 of Little Women: Atlanta comes to a close. A very messy one.


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