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Kim Fields Calls Out “Irrelevant” Kenya Moore For Lying; Defends Her Husband Chris!

Kim Fields is letting Kenya Moore know that if she’s is gonna spread gossip and rumors about Kim’s marriage and career, she better get the facts of Kim’s life straight! (All puns intended!)

After keeping it grown, not dirty, on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, post-episode Kim hopped on Twitter to correct some of the misinformation Kenya was maliciously spewing about her. Kim doesn’t ever call Kenya out directly, but it’s clear who her barrage of tweets are aimed at! 


Kenya complained in her blog that Kim had no right to be annoyed since they are public figures whose lives are up for discussion. Absolutely – but c’mon Kenya, given that Kim is such a public figure, Google her! The same goes for Kenya’s shade about Kim’s career – all the kimformation Kenya needs is available on the World Wide Web. [two snaps]

Yet, according to Kenya, who considers herself important in the ‘industry’, rumors speculating about Kim’s husband’s sexuality have been rampant for years and she first learned about it while doing a one-episode guest appearance on Living Single. Kim starred on the show as Regina, and also served as producer and director of several episodes – including the episode where Kenya had a role! Kenya claims everyone in black Hollywood has questioned Chris‘ sexuality. Except Kim apparently – she married him and they have two children together. 

Google is your friend Kenya, because as Kim points out she wasn’t even married to Chris back in her Living Single days – so first Fail By Krayonce!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.43.13 PM

Living Single ran from 1993 – 1998. During which time Kim was married to her FIRST husband. They divorced in 2001. Kim didn’t start dating Chris until several years later, marrying him in 2007. So yeah, Kenya – get the facts of Kim’s life straight if you’re gonna throw shade! 

Kim wasn’t done, either – she was just getting started! Turns out “Read School” taught her some important lessons! “I’ve told you keep my family out of your unimportant #irrelevant mouth,” Kim continued

Kim also denied that anyone in the industry calls Chris “Chrissy” behind his back, or refers to them as ‘Tootie & Fruity.’ “As I said in #Jamaica, my husband’s industry calls him by his professional name only… ” snapped Kim. “My husband gets the utmost respect for who he is as a performer AS WELL AS a dedicated #husband a #father… #RHOA.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.01.02 PM

BOOM! Wait… is Kim asserting that Life Twirls On wasn’t real?! That it didn’t revolutionize TV and get a ton of respect in the ‘industry’? Kenya jealous of Kim’s success? No…. never that! Is Kim insinuating that Kenya’s delightful relationships, to all these wonderful men, who adore being with her are phony?! How dreadful

Kim defends her marriage wholeheartedly and suggests Kenya try it before passing judgement!  “A good #marriage is work, work we love; we are both on our 2nd, so we know how to be out if it’s not the right fit, for any reason,” Kim tweeted. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.03.02 PM

Agreed! Too low, Krayonce.

Oh, and in response to Kenya’s constant claims that “condescending” Kim is constantly trying to come for her, Kim calls BS on that too! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.03.07 PM

This is more than a read – this is an ‘I see YOU’ speech that Kenya badly needs to take to heart. Kim has issued a Come to Oprah-style revelation that should make any sane person twirl into therapy or church. Kenya believes she can get away with constantly tearing into others with low-down, pathetic, dirty drama (projection much?), then cry victim when it comes back to her. Unfortunately for Kenya, Kim isn’t sinking to her level, yet she is hitting Kenya right where it hurts: In all of Kenya’s lies and delusions about her own self-importance. (Karma much?). Kim may be quiet and polite, but she certainly isn’t weak. Kenya messed with the wrong one

Kim Fields Calls Out Kenya Moore

Kim’s husband Christopher also posted a photo collage on Instagram to illustrate their happy marriage.

Kim Fields marriage

“It takes ALL OF THESE!! @kimfieldsofficial #reallove #getone #MARRIAGEMATTERS,” wrote Chris. [Credit]

Meanwhile, Kenya is pretending she’s done nothing wrong and her actions towards Kim were justified because CYNTHIA hurt her feelings

Kenya defends herself


“Sometimes you may act out of emotions but you are human,” mused Kenya. “The real test of your character is how you recognize your mistakes and grow from them. Life is an evolution. Don’t be afraid to grow. Xo” So when is Kenya gonna practice what she preaches and grow the hell up?! #ContinuedDelusionNotEvolution 


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