NeNe Leakes on Watch What Happens Live

NeNe Leakes Insists She Never Made Fun Of Kim Fields’ Husband; Does NOT Think Kenya Moore Is Pregnant

NeNe Leakes is Andy Cohen‘s guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight. She dishes on all the recent Real Housewives of Atlanta drama and defends the part she played in the gossip about Kim Fields‘ husband.

Andy asks NeNe what she thinks about Matt saying he loves Kenya Moore. “It’s really good for Kenya to find love,” she says. “At first I didn’t think he was the one for Kenya, but I have seen him and Kenya together. He was at Kenya’s birthday dinner and I think Kenya’s feeling him.”

Moving on to the Kenya, Kim, and Chris drama, Andy points out, “NeNe, you were in on that pile up!” NeNe insists, “I was NOT!”


“Let’s be clear, Andy Cohen, you are not going to throw me under the bus over here,” adds NeNe. “There was something that happened on the bus – on the real bus – in Jamaica that was never seen on the show that Phaedra, myself, and Porsha were talking about. We had a little run-in with Chris. We did, and Chris apologized later. I think that’s where our comments were coming from. Chris was recently at my home – he was there at my home during Super Bowl. I do not think that Chris is gay. If I think you are gay, I will say it. I don’t think Chris is gay at all. I want to be clear about that. I don’t think Chris is gay. At all.”

NeNe claims she knew Sheree Whitfield would spill the tea to Kim. “Because she’s been just carrying tea all season. When we sat down, I was looking at Sheree like, she’s about to bust out with something. I was shocked at what she was saying though – and I was even shocked that she Googled to find out if he was fruity.”

A viewer calls out NeNe for laughing when Kenya was talking about Chris, but then acting appalled and kissing Kim‘s butt. “I love a good laugh. The things Kenya were saying were really really funny and I will laugh at anything. But after a while I thought it was going a little bit far.”

Later, Andy argues, “But you guys all used it as an insult.” NeNe yells, “So?!”

Was Kenya‘s apology to Cynthia Bailey sincere? “I did not think Kenya was sincere at all. At the table I was rolling my eyes and everything. They just didn’t catch all that.”

Is NeNe and Cynthia‘s friendship stronger? “I don’t know if it’s stronger than it was before. Cynthia and I are still a work in progress, but we’re really good friends. It’s just one of those things where we can’t deny the chemistry we have. I might want to be like, ‘I don’t like Cynthia anymore,’ but it’s one of those things I can’t help. We just have a really good connection.”

When asked if she thinks Porsha Williams has changed since she joined the show, NeNe says “100%” yes, and not all for the better. “When we first met her, she was the first lady. She couldn’t even go to the strip club, and now she’s the Queen of THOT.”

NeNe admits she doesn’t think Kim fits in on Real Housewives of Atlanta. “Now, I like Kim, let’s just be clear about that,” she adds. “I really do like Kim. It’s something about Kim that’s cool on the show, that she’s different than all of us, that’s kind of cool. But there’s parts that she just doesn’t fit in. It’s weird like Kim never ever watched reality TV before. It’s just like weird.”

Does NeNe think Donald Trump will be a good president? “He probably would make a good president. Donald has gained a lot of momentum. I get so many people asking me about Donald like I’m a part of his campaign. I’m not. I’m not voting for Donald, but I like Donald as a person. He is gonna be good. He is gonna be running. He is gonna be tough to beat. He ain’t going down without a fight.”

When asked who she felt wasn’t happy about her return, NeNe admits, “I was really surprised that Phaedra and Porsha didn’t give me a warm welcoming. We were good friends, we hung out, so I was surprised that they didn’t give me a warm welcoming.”

What would NeNe have done if Kenya pulled out her chair like she did to Kim? “Kenya would not be moving my chair any kind of way. She would be walking all around my chair.”

A caller asks NeNe‘s opinion on Phaedra Parks talking about God while acting like a floozy. NeNe takes a very long sip of her drink.

Poll – Is Matt the one for Kenya?

No – 51%

Yes – 49%

NeNe comments, “I don’t know if Matt is the one but it is really good seeing Kenya with someone – someone to focus her attention on because that means she doesn’t have to come for us.”

Andy mentions that Kenya is rumored to be pregnant. “I don’t believe that. I was just with Kenya on her birthday and she had a cocktail. Actually, she had a couple,” says NeNe.


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