NeNe Leakes Clears Up Fashion Police Rumors And More

NeNe Leakes doesn’t often give in-depth interviews, but when she does – she goes all out to clear the air! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star addressed everything from the Wendy Williams beef to the current rumors that she’s being a diva on the set of Fashion Police

NeNe spilled all the tea with Love B Scott in a new interview. NeNe starts off by explaining that her absence this coming weekend on Fashion Police for the Oscar episode is pre-planned so don’t read too much into it. “I was only hired to do 10 of the 12 episodes for Fashion Police because I already had previous engagements. When Kris Jenner was on, I was in Canada working my clothing line. When the Oscars are coming up, I’ll be in NYC hosting an Oscars party for Samsung.”


NeNe gives fans a glimpse of how things run on the set of Fashion Police and vehemently defends herself as 100% professional. “What I do know is that I’ve been very kind to everyone on that set. That includes Giuliana, Melissa, Brad, Margaret — now, I am not saying it has been reciprocated. What I AM saying is that I have been professional and kind to everyone. All of these things that you’re hearing, I’m hearing. I don’t know if any of these things are true or not. All I know is that Margaret is super sweet. She’s kind to me. ” 

She explains the weirdness on that set, “It’s very weird. Let me tell you what happens — when you arrive on set, everybody goes to their dressing rooms. When they say ‘come out’, everyone comes out and sits on the couch. There’s no talking, no communication, nothing.  My dressing room isn’t even on the same side as everyone else. They have my dressing room way on the other side from everybody. So I don’t even see them. I just come and sit down. Whenever they say, ‘Come and sit down, NeNe’, I come and sit down. I don’t move until they say ‘Wrap!’ and then I get up and leave. They don’t talk. No one talks between moments, really. There might be a little casual chit-chat like, ‘I like your shoes,’ or something but no conversation. It’s really weird. [The producers] just put us there. Whatever they tell us not to do, we don’t do. We’re scared to chew damn chewing gum — we don’t do sh*t! It upsets me that I’m just coming on to this set — and I literally don’t do anything outside of my job — and for me to be blamed for anything upsets me.” 

That sounds really awkward! How do you build a rapport with your co-stars? THAT is what starts the fun banter and smooth flow to a comedy style show like FP. I give NeNe credit for dealing with such a strange and unfriendly situation. Perhaps this approach is why the show is failing to click with viewers since Joan’s passing.

NeNe continues, “If you watch the show, Melissa says ‘NeNe, what do you think’ and then I say my little things and then I sit there and laugh when someone says something funny. I don’t say anything else because there’s nothing I can say. There’s nothing I can do.  If you went up to Melissa and asked her, and she was honest, she’d tell you that I’m nothing but professional on set.”  

“For people who know me, I’m a worker bee. I work my ass off. I really enjoy working. I’m not one of those people who’s lazy. I’m a go-getter. I’m a hard worker. I’m not one of those girls looking for a man to take care of me. I enjoy having my own coins. I enjoy being independent. To have someone consistently putting out a bad report about me, I feel like it’s coming from someone on the inside — and I’m sad about that. I was just brought in to help bring the cast back together… because so many people have quit… Kathy Griffin, Kelly Osbourne. I realized there was issue when I came in there.”

NeNe says that nobody would continue working with her if she was truly a diva pain in the ass.  “I’m not a problem. I don’t walk into any set being a problem. I would be an absolute fool walking on any set being a problem. When I worked on Glee, The New Normal, Dancing With the Stars, Zumanity and any of the other sh*t you’ve seen me on — they ask ‘Do you need anything?’ and I say no. I do not need breakfast, I do not need lunch, I do not need dinner. The only thing I need is my check when we finish working! I bring my own breakfast, my own lunch, and my own dinner. When I leave, I just need my check deposited on the day you said it would be deposited on. You can get all the directors and heads of production companies to vouch for that.” 

NeNe says that more proof of her professionalism is Bravo keeping her around on RHOA. “The fact that I keep getting these jobs says something. They could’ve kept anyone on The Real Housewives of Atlanta as long as I’ve been on — they could’ve kept Sheree, they could’ve kept Kim, the could’ve kept anybody… but they kept me. Why did Ryan Murphy take me over from Glee to The New Normal? Tell me that. People wouldn’t continue to work with me if I was as unprofessional as people make it seem.”

Moving on from that, NeNe dished that she doesn’t know who is returning to Atlanta next season, but they are filming the reunion show tomorrow. “We’re shooting our reunion show on Thursday. I don’t know who will be back and who won’t be back. What I do know is that they need girls with a storyline. I think they need women in relationships — whether they’re married or single. And they need more women from the Atlanta area with a Georgia background. I mean, this is the Atlanta housewives.”

I highly recommend reading NeNe‘s full interview.  She gives her detailed side of the Wendy Williams drama and what exactly happened on the set of The View a few months back. 


Photo Credit: Instagram