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Last night on Little Women: Atlanta The Cheeks battled The Tiny Twins, and Minnie Ross revealed a shocking secret!

The twins are determined to become more independent. The first step is learning how to drive! Andrea and Amanda Salinas enroll in driving school where pedal extenders and special pillows are employed so they can reach the wheel and the brakes. Andrea even has to drive with both feet.

After a few nerve-wracking almost misses both twins feel like they’re getting the hang of driving. Yet they realize it will be a long time before they get a license and they still need to get around, which means bikes!


Since they can’t reach the pedals on adult bikes, they’re forced to get kiddie-sized ones (with the training wheels removed). Andrea and Amanda are disappointed to be in the kiddie section – again – but hey, they’re saving money that way! While they wait for the bikes to be tuned-up, Amanda confronts Andrea about her unhappy relationship with Chris and what she’s going to do about the situation.

Andrea and Chris are constantly fighting, he’s still unemployed, and worse Amanda doesn’t think he’ll ever truly accept Andre because he’s a little person to be there for his son. Andrea cries that she’s not ready to let go because she still has so many feelings for Chris. 

In other relationship dramas, Minnie is still extremely upset that Monie Cashette threw a drink in Miss Juicy‘s face at Minnie’s birthday party. In an interesting sequence of events Minnie decides to mend her relationship with Juicy. She visits Juicy at home to apologize for Monie’s behavior and put the past dramas behind them. Didn’t Juicy and Minnie have issues over Minnie spreading lies about her relationship all over Atlanta? Things that make you go hmmmm… 

At home, Monie confesses her birthday party misbehavior to Morlin. Predictably he’s not impressed, but he is confused about why Minnie hasn’t even reached out to Monie to discuss what happened. Monie explains that she over-reacted because she really cares about Minnie and was “protecting” her girl. What’s protective about a vodka soda to the weave? It’s the thought that counts!

Emily Fernandez isn’t about to let pregnancy interfere with The Cheeks brand. She and Bri Barlup take some glamour photos to be used when clubs promote them. In Atlanta (and, actually I looked them up, all over the US) The Cheeks have a reputation that gets attention. Emily is self-conscious that her first trimester baby bump looks more like a wonky fat roll, however. 

Later Emily and Bri meet Minnie at Wooda’s recording studio, where they discuss Monie’s outburst. Minnie admits she’s made peace with Juicy, which surprises The Cheeks. They all agree Monie went overboard, but Bri and Emily think Monie had a point in protecting her so-called best friend. Minnie still isn’t sure if she can trust Monie’s actions. 

Monie really wants to put the birthday debacle behind them and regain her relationship with Minnie, so she invites the entire group apple picking. Minnie accepts the invite. 

Andrea and Chris go out to dinner. Andrea truly wants their relationship to work, but they have to STOP fighting. It turns out Chris left Texas because he couldn’t find work, and he’s having the same problem in Atlanta. Their relationship has been a mess for years. When Andre was born Chris abandoned Andrea, even though Andre was in the NICU for a month with respiratory issues and almost died.

Andrea couldn’t contact Chris anywhere, and he never bothered to reach out to her. Andrea sort of hinted that he may have been on drugs? In fact Chris has never been there for Andrea (or Andre) and seems in general like a loser. Andrea gets extremely emotional recounting the past and it escalates again into a fight, but they agree to squash it and start fresh. Again.

AndreaAmanda is right this dude will never change and you’re wasting your time! 

The ladies meet in the orchard for apple picking. The twins and Emily bring their significant others, Emily also brings Malik. Monie, for some extremely bizarre reason, decided to wear stiletto over-the-knee boots to an APPLE ORCHARD! She’s hobbles around the orchard, practically falling over and breaking her ankle. She has to keep sitting down because it’s uncomfortable to stand. What the hell?! 

Before Minnie arrives, Monie and The Cheeks discuss the situation with Minnie. Emily and Bri find it strange that Minnie has already forgiven Miss Juicy despite all her lies about Minnie and Troy. Emily doesn’t believe Juicy’s allegations, since Minnie is a trustworthy person in general,  however Minnie was obviously sucking up to Juicy at the birthday party and afterwards, as if there is something she’s trying to hide. Monie, Emily, and Bri are starting to wonder if there’s some truth to Juicy’s assertions that Minnie faked her relationship to Troy. Monie is ready to get to the bottom of things. 

Side note: I love that Wooda is so involved in Malik’s life – he’s a super hands-on dad. He and Emily seem like great parents and Malik is adorable. 

While apple picking Monie and Minnie step aside to discuss what happened at the birthday party and what it means for their friendship. Minnie was expecting an apology from Monie, but instead Monie defends her actions as being there for her friend. Furthermore she doesn’t believe she was that out of line considering what Juicy supposedly did to Minnie! Like all them lies…

Monie presses Minnie about why she’s forgiving Juicy so easily, and that’s when Minnie cracks. She admits to fabricating her entire relationship with Troy because she felt “old and alone,” while all the other girls are in relationships. 


Monie is shocked, but understanding and empathetic, she promises their friendship hasn’t changed. Minnie starts to cry because she’s worried about losing her friends and being judged by the other girls, but Monie is adamant it will be OK. Minnie confesses to the other ladies. They actually are sweet and consoling, especially Emily. It was very kind. The girls all understand how hard it is to find someone as a little person. However, even though Monie claims she has forgiven Minnie, she’s still really perturbed to be lied to. Especially since she started drama with Juicy over essentially nothing!  

The worst is yet to come however, when Minnie is forced to confess her lie to her mother. Side note: What was her mother’s eyeshadow? It looked like she smeared Fun Dip on her eyelids? 

Minnie’s mom is not so sympathetic – she’s really furious that Minnie felt so desperate, she lied. Her mom doesn’t think being lonely is an excuse and points out that Monie and Juicy’s drama could have escalated even more on behalf of Minnie’s lying! Despite her harsh tone, she made some fair points and in the end was supportive and encouraging that Minnie would find someone who appreciates her just as she is. They do seem to have a really great relationship. 

Finally, both The Cheeks and the Tiny Twins are scheduled to work at Boogaloo on the same night – although neither are expecting the other ones to be there. 

I though The Cheeks were supposed to perform, but essentially they just stood around on the swings or the bar, loitering, while the twins bopped around the dance floor. It turns out The Cheeks were hired as the ‘entertainment’ for the evening, while the twins were mere dancers working the floor and waiting tables! The Cheeks mock the twins for thinking they were hired to be ‘The Cheeks’ replacements, when in actuality they were hired to play second fiddle. 

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The twins keep pointing out that waitressing is still a job, but The Cheeks, particularly Emily continue mocking them. One of the twins snaps and gets into Emily’s face. Bri steps in because Emily is pregnant and she warns the twin to back up. That’s when the other twin pushes Bri, after a bit of shoving back and forth between Bri and a Twin (then two twins), it turns into scuffling. 

PREGNANT Emily tries to stop the twins ganging up on Bri. Bri ends up tackling one of the twins, while Emily drags the other one across the floor by her hair until security breaks them up. 

Also for such a popular club, how come no one was in there? Tiny Twerking Turf Wars, Y’all!


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]

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