Erika analyzes LVP

Erika Jayne has quickly fallen down the list of my favorite newcomers on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She started off strong but something changed over the past few episodes – starting with the lying during the concert after party and it has continued on from there. This week in her blog, the RHOBH cast newbie shares that she’s befuddled over Kathryn Edwards‘ loyalty to Lisa Vanderpump since they just met. And in that same vein I ask Erika, why does she have such a dislike for Lisa when she also only just met her, as well? 

She opens her blog quoting Kathryn from the past two episodes

“Trust me, I’ll never use anything against you that you tell me.” – Kathryn Edwards
“If you don’t want it repeated, you don’t say it.” – Kathryn Edwards

“So which one is it? Because I’m confused!  The way I see it: Everything you hear is confidential unless someone tells you otherwise. It’s common sense. It’s interesting that Kathryn suddenly has this loyalty to LVP. They just met, what, a couple of weeks ago? Why this allegiance? Yet they both question my and Yolanda’s friendship.”  I don’t think anyone is questioning the friendship – some were just curious how LONG they’ve been friends.  A natural question since Yolanda introduced her to the group..  And, if they’re pretty tight, why does Yolanda STILL misspell her name in  #petpeeve

Erika doesn’t think that Kathryn’s honesty would work both ways, “I’ll bet if I asked Kathryn to tell me what she and LVP say about me, she wouldn’t share that information. I can’t help but feel that Kathryn went to LVP’s house on a mission. It is my place to tell LVP how I feel about her, not Kathryn’s. And to quote Vanderpump, “I don’t need anyone to speak on my behalf,” either.” 

Erika also makes a little dig in reference to Kathryn’s “six tears” comment.  “Watching Kathryn discuss her mother’s early stages of dementia with her sisters struck me very deeply. I, too, remember when my grandmother was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and how I watched her decay over the next decade. Perhaps they will shed more than “six tears.””

Do you think this is who Kathryn is and she’d be honest and share what’s said about any of the cast members?  Or is her loyalty and honesty only for Lisa Vanderpump, even though they just met? Do you think Erika is looking for drama with her co-stars?

Photo Credit: Bravo TV